My Eyeshadow Stick Collection

You all know I love eyeshadow sticks. Here are the reasons why:

– it’s easy to use

– it’s quick to blend

– it stays the whole day

– it’s the best for hot & humid days (our kind of weather practically the whole year)

– it’s the best to bring when you’re traveling

– it doesn’t crease

– it’s an eye primer

And the list is endless…

Here it is. My eye shadow sticks collection.IMG_0489Let start with…

LAURA MERCIER  – Caviar Stick Eye ColorIMG_0498Left to right: Sugar Frost, Cocoa, Orchid, Copper, Burnished Bronze

BOBBI BROWN – Long-Wear Cream Shadow StickIMG_0505Left to right: Heather Steel, Violet Plum, Sand Dune, Pink Sparkle, Forest, Goldstone

NARS – Velvet Shadow StickIMG_0502Left to right: Nunavut, Glènan, Dark Angel

CHANEL – Stylo EyeshadowIMG_0509Left to right: 117 Azulejo, 127 Olivine, 137 Laurier Rose

CLINIQUE – Shadow Tint For EyesIMG_0494Left to right: 02 Lot’s O’ Latte, 04 Ample Amber, 09 Lavish Lilac

GIORGIO ARMANI – Eye TintIMG_049610 Senso

I only have 1 shade of Giorgio Armani’s Eye Tint ’cause Lane Crawford (Hongkong) had limited shades, most are out of stock. This is the only one I liked.

There are 2 brands that I want to get hold of. It’s kinda hard to find ’cause it’s only available in Europe.

1. BY TERRY Ombre Blackstardsc00150-e1414655906590ombre-blackstar-2I’ve heard so many good reviews on this. Most By Terry products are good. It’s just difficult to get hold of. This is kinda pricey. It’s even more expensive than the Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow. But I really want this and I’m dying to get hold of these.

2. KIKO Long Lasting Stick EyeshadowDSC_0023This is another brand that is only available in Europe. I already have their Kohl Eyeliner which my friend Marivic who is from London got for me.

One day these will be in my hands.

Like they always say, if there’s a will there’s a way! hahaha.


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