The struggle is real

This happens to me every time I come back from a vacation. I have a hard time going back to my daily routine. More so now. It was difficult accepting that I lost a good friend. (why didn’t God take the ones I don’t like?)

It took me 1 whole week to get on with my life. I refused to work last week. I couldn’t. I was physically and emotionally drained.

That’s why my work piled up.

I had to drag myself out of bed today. I couldn’t afford to just lounge around any longer. There are deadlines to meet and some orders that I need to work on ASAP.

I had fun during my short vacation. It was nice to see my old friends again. It was nice to eat all the food that I have been craving for. It was relaxing to swim in the sea. I have always been a beach person and smelling the sea breeze, feeling the sand in my feet, sitting under the sun again was such a good breather.

From all that.

So, today I slowly got myself in the groove of things.

First off was cooking lunch for Vito. He’s been eating lunch at home instead in his office. I feel so guilty that I did not cook last week and just ordered in.

I managed to get things done today. And it felt good.

Man, the struggle is real.



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