Saying Good Bye to our Penny

Penny was laid to rest yesterday in Sanctuario de San Antonio Columbarium.

Ethan her eldest son putting the urn inside the cyrpt.8977_930232807033724_5023906616346661659_n

On her last night after the 7pm mass Cecile and Patrice gave their very emotional eulogy.10999886_929468383776833_811000003196230996_n

Patrice could hardly finish her eulogy. Her tears won’t stop falling. Cecile was strong enough to finish hers quickly. She said Penny doesn’t like drama, so she made it quick and straight to the point. And mostly she was talking to Penny’s children. I couldn’t contain my emotion when she told the kids: “if you miss your Mom just think that she’s just traveling and we will all see her soon.”

I started to cry silently.

Since the beginning of 2015 Penny travelled endlessly. Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland, all over Italy, London, Singapore, Hongkong, etc. We would see her in between her trips. But she would always text us wherever she was. Asking us what we want.

We all knew she was sick. But she hid it to most of us. Only because she didn’t want us to be sad. She looked normal, happy and still giggly. That’s why when she passed it all came a shock to us.

Everyone that loved Penny were there to say good bye. Except Ginggay and Noel de la Merced who are on a cruise.


Left to right: Jeroen Van Straten (Cecile’s husband), me, Dong Ronquillo, Patrice Diaz, Rajo Laurel, Daryl Chang, Nix Alanon & Grace  ‘Divasoria’ Velasco.

Everyone wore either Penny’s favorite color or a gift from Penny. Penny’s favorite colors are baby blue and grey.

I wore grey. Dong wore a Margiela shirt that Penny gave him. Grace wore the Balenciaga bag that Penny got for her and she wore also Aqua Azzura lace up shoes which was Penny’s favorite. Keri (not in the picture. She had to leave early) wore also an Aqua Azzura lace up flats. Patrice wore baby blue top and Birkenstocks (Penny’s favorite. She was always in Birkies).

I was happy to see Dong Ronquillo. Penny and me love Dong. Dong was our ‘gay crush’, so to speak.

Penny and me would always tease each other about dong.11406981_906587809413365_5390122064126821351_nSo, I made it a point to take a picture with Dong. Cecile gladly took our picture even if our eyes were swollen from too much crying. Cecile had to take another shot ’cause I couldn’t make myself smile. “Smile, Tina.” 

This was the best I could do.11048731_906655506073262_4216314647544505693_n

I know wherever Penny is and she will see this picture she will be giggling. This one is for you Penny!

Penny has already arranged how her wake and funeral would be. She already chose the flowers. Grace had to get a nice guest book ’cause she wants a nice guest book. She chose the music that will be played.

Penny was a stylish woman. In fact she was Preview’s best dress in 2011. And she wanted to go in style.

I’m leaving you with Penny’s favorite song that she requested to be played during her funeral.

Good bye Penny! You left a big hole in our hearts. You will be missed.10645333_907156119356534_6835156389647016247_n

Some of the photos are from Cecile (Chuvaness) Van Straten.

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