What’s In My Work Bag – Feat. Willow Pouch. An Ad

This is an updated ‘What’s In My Bag’ post. Featuring my work bag.

This is what I carry when I go to work. I usually carry a big bag that will fit everything.

Yesterday I went to work after lunch with Dina (my friend from NYC who’s here for vacation with her family) in The Last Chukker in Manila Polo Club.

My work bag that I have been using recently:IMG_0352It has enough room for everything I need. It’s light (made of canvass). And it’s Chanel (hahaha). I picked this up when I went to Hongkong last April.

Here’s what’s in my work bag.

Beauty essentialsIMG_5507Mirror, Willow pouch, wipes, fan

Social Media gadgetsIMG_0351Mini Ipad, Iphone 6+, 2 battery power packs, earphones, cable

Accounting essentialsIMG_5505LV organizer, LV Checkbook holder, LV wallet

MiscellaneousIMG_5510Calling cards, LV coin purse, reading glasses (I bought in True Value)

Here’s what’s inside my Willow Pouch. I carry this all the time. What Rochelle (house girl) does is she transfer this from one bag to another every time I change bags. It’s so convenient. Please don’t forget to buy our Willow Pouch if you haven’t already.IMG_5488

For touch ups: Catrice eyebrow pencil, Cartice, Kohl Kajal eye pencil, Tarte Spully brush. This is for an emergency case especially now that it is hot and my make up melts in the middle of the day. The first thing that melts are my eyebrows!IMG_5492

Chanel Coco Baume. I have very dry lips and this Chanel lip balm really helps me every time I feel my lips are getting dry during the day.IMG_5494Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in 11 Sensuel. For touch ups after lunch or you suddenly take a selfie. hahaha. It doesn’t hurt to be ready.IMG_5496

Chanel Ombre Eyeshadow 95 Mirage. It’s always better to be ready if you need to re-apply eyeshadow within the day. You’ll never know who you meet. hahahaha. I prefer this cream eyeshadow ’cause you don’t need a brush. You can just use your fingers to apply and blend.IMG_5497

Perricone MD No Blush Blush. Like I said better be ready. You’ll never know when you need an extra ‘blush’. Seriously, since it’s super hot now a days most likely your make up melts and it’s better that I have an emergency blush just in case. This is my favorite cream blush and like my eyeshadow I just use my fingers to apply and blend. IMG_5500

The Body Shop Satsumi/Clementine Eau de Toliette. To refresh my scent within the day. Love this scent. This is my favorite citrus scent.IMG_5501

Contact Lens holder. I wear contact lens every time I go out. For emergency purpose I usually bring an extra contact lens case. I picked this up in LandmarkIMG_5503

Mints. Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy in Meyer Lemon and Raspberry and Ricola Lemon Mint. For fresh breath when you need it.IMG_5504

Okay, all in. Ready to conquer the world!IMG_9906


IMG_9898 IMG_9897 IMG_9899 IMG_9900 IMG_9902 IMG_9903 IMG_9904 IMG_9905 IMG_9907

Dress: Forever 21  |  Slippers: H&M  |  Bag: Chanel  |  Sunglasses: Chanel  |  Willow Jewelry Earrings  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Watch: Daniel Wellington  |  Willow Jewelry Bangle

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