Outfit Post – #OOTD

It was such a hectic week for me last week. Like they always say “when it rains, it pours.” How come everything always happen all at one time all the time? I didn’t even have a week-end. I worked Saturday and Sunday.

But it is all good. I couldn’t or shouldn’t complain. Life is grand.

Today I will post an ootd. I get a lot of messages asking me if I will stop my ootd posts. Hell, no. I love doing ootd’s but there are just times when I am just so busy. Such was last week.

My day started hectic today. I decided to relax and have a little break. So, I went to lunch with a friend of mine from New York, Dina Alorro, who is in town now.

We wanted Thai food and I brought her to a good Thai resto in Greenbelt, People’s Palace. This used to be one of my fave resto a few years ago and I am quite amazed that their food is still sooo yummy! We had their famous Prawn Pomelo with Coconut Salad.11329916_896194357119377_1905377230056584969_nFresh Vegetable Spring Rolls11008462_896194600452686_533306021391136713_nAnd Dina wanted the Green Chicken Curry. This is my first time to try this and it is so yummy!10502213_896194840452662_8291486194583076033_nThis is the type of food that requires extra rice! hahaha. You know what I mean.

#ootdIMG_9823 IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9827 IMG_9828 IMG_9831 IMG_9833 IMG_9835 IMG_9836 IMG_9838

Dress: H&M  |  Lace-up Sandals: H&M  |  Bag: Hermes Birkin  |  Sunglasses: Dior So Real Sunglasses | Earrings: Willow Jewelry  |  Watch: Cartier  |  Willow Jewelry Philippine Corals Bracelets  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces

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