A crazy and fun afternoon!

I went to pick up my Auntie somewhere in San Juan this morning around 11:30. She just arrived from Cebu and I was going to treat her for lunch. Our reservation in La Cabrera was at 12:30pm.

While we were cruising along EDSA on our way back to Makati the traffic was medium to moderate (I sound like Kuya Kim Atienza. hahaha). Meaning it was a moving traffic. Meaning Joshua (driver) was driving slow.

Right before we reach the Shell Gasoline station in the corner of Buendia and EDSA and while I was in a deep conversation with my Auntie, Joshua suddenly screamed “Mam, binangga ho tayo!”

Only then I realized that there was a “slight” thug behind us and we were shaken mildly. When I turned on my right side this is what I saw11201916_893570414048438_6832807688881377761_nThe guy that bumped us toppled his car beside our car!

Up to now I don’t know what happened. How fast he was driving (I don’t think he was driving fast since it was traffic) and what he was doing prior to hitting our car.

Before I took this shot I saw the driver being pinned down. He was wearing a beige long sleeves shirt. When I took this photo I don’t know where the driver went since he is not in the picture.

It took more than 5 minutes for someone to help the other car. Joshua was in a state of shock and he couldn’t move until I started screaming and told him to help the people inside the car.

Two men went down of their cars and tried to open the door. They were able to open the driver side door and a lady in red shirt came down followed by the guy in long sleeves all bloodied. (???)

When the 2 passengers of the car were already safe in the side walk and MMDA’s were already running towards us we were told to move our car by the side walk ’cause we were already causing heavy traffic. I went down and took another shot of the other car11009119_893570387381774_8372562162047160731_nI took a photo of our car as well11350445_893570370715109_8102940684084648413_nIn less than 10 minutes 3 ambulance were already in the scene and 2 police cars and a big towing truck. The people inside the car were treated right away.

The policemen interviewed Joshua and took his license. There was just too much chaos going on and I wanted to get out of there. Traffic was already so bad.

I called Nante (our other driver) and told him to pick us up. Joshua was so busy talking to the policemen and he told me that they will bring the cars to the police station.

Before I left the scene I asked Joshua if he was okay and if he can handle it by himself. He said yes.

I called La Cabrera to hold our table (this was already pass 12:30pm). The medical team asked us if we were okay. We were okay. A little shaken, but physically me and my Auntie were both okay. Thank God.

Me and my Auntie walked to Shell Station. That was the only place the driver could pick us up ’cause by that time both sides of EDSA were already clogged.

But right before we left, Joshua in passing told me that the policemen were interviewing the driver of the other car. He said: “yung babae ang driver ng kotse mam.”

Hindi! NO! The driver of the car was not the lady. It was the guy wearing beige long sleeves! I saw him. I saw him squirming while he was pinned down. I saw him! He was right beside my window!

No wonder he was not in the photo when I took a picture. He already tried to exchange seats with his lady passenger. No wonder he never tried to open the door.

Addition time. Add 1 plus 1. He didn’t have a license.

Oh, god. I don’t have time for this. We were already late for our lunch. Bahala na nga kayo dyn.

We left and went to lunch.


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  • It’s good that you’re okay Ms. Tina! That was crazy, I wonder how the other car toppled over!

    • I know right. My auntie said definitely the driver was doing something. Maybe texting? And he didn’t realized that our car was already right in front of him and he tried to avoid hitting us and maybe stepped on the brake hard and that’s probably why his car toppled over! But we really don’t know exactly!
      Yes, thank God we were okay!

  • Thank goodness you are safe Tina! How was your driver?


    • My driver is ok Michelle. Actually we were all okay. It was just a slight hit on our car if you can see in the picture our car just had scratches and konting dent.

  • Just an idea if the guy you saw was coming out from your side, then he must be the passenger kasi the passenger side is now facing you because the car toppled? Or may be I’m confused.

    Glad you’re okay Ms. Tina!

    • Hi Lyra!
      oh yeah! Maybe you’re right! I don’t know I am confused na rin! hahahahaha! What’s important is we are all okay! 🙂

    • Looks like the car was facing the same direction as Tina’s vehicle. This means that she really saw the driver crawling out of the car.

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