Willow Pouch – The Launch

Today is the day that I will officially launch our Willow Pouches!

I worked on this for more than a month and now it’s finally here.

What is a Willow Pouch?

It is a make-up bag, a jewelry bag, accessory bag or whatever you want it to be.

It is good to store your delicate things when you travel.

It is easy to carry in your purse anywhere you go and keep your make-up, your accessories, your keys, your medicines and just about everything.

Every woman carries a utility bag. This is something we all need so what a perfect gift for your friend, your sister, your mother, your daughter, your cousin, your girlfriend, etc.

Size: length is 6inches and width is 8 & 1/2 inches

Design: Most of our designs are quotes that empower women. To encourage women to love life and to be strong. To remind women how important it is to look fabulous all the time.

Goal: To help under privilege girls. To educate them and to prepare them to become strong women that they are meant to be.

For every pouch you buy, P50.00 goes to the charity that I chose. This charity is sending young girls to school.

Willow Pouch as a make-up bagIMG_5290 IMG_5293Willow Pouch as an accessory bagIMG_5154 (1) IMG_5155 (1) IMG_5158 (1) IMG_5159 (1)It comes in 2 colors. Black and beige. It is well lined and is washable.IMG_5289 IMG_5285

Here are some of the designs. The rest you can view it in our online store under “Willow Pouch.”IMG_5277 IMG_5273 IMG_5164 (1) IMG_5254 IMG_5243 IMG_5185 (1)Again, you can view all our designs in www.tinatagle.com. Please do drop by and check it out!

Willow Pouch – 2015


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