My childhood summer revisited

One of the things that I look forward during summer are the fruits in season.

Last Saturday we went to Salcedo Village Saturday Market to bring some guests from San Francisco to have lunch there. We went around the market after lunch and I saw lots of fruits. Fruits that reminded me of my childhood summers.

Every summer we used to go to our farm in Sibonga (south of Cebu). We usually spend our summers there together with my cousins. And these were the fruits that we grew up with.

Sineguelas10408798_888962771175869_6368035061240188045_nDuhat or Lomboy in Bisaya11151070_888962784509201_4821450305245164286_nSantol10955639_888962811175865_3744088301852501097_nLangka (jackfruit)11209520_888962834509196_4231196468508919695_n I saw some nice hats in the market and I had fun trying them on! hahahaha.11246476_888963714509108_5910829272771565998_n 19419_888962891175857_1897038891943284195_n19617_888962851175861_3873106644529794391_nI felt a little nostalgic and I kept on taking pictures that I forgot to buy!

Those days where the best days of my life. My summers in our farm with my cousins. The beach, the fruits, my cousins, the fireflies at night.

My favorite childhood memories were made during summer and last Saturday I was brought back to those days.

Summer days 2015.

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