My Make-up Stash – BRONZERS

Bronzer is my favorite make-up. It’s usually the make-up I look for when I go shopping for cosmetics. There’s just something about bronzers that I love. Maybe because when applied it changes your aura and it can enhance your best feature.

I also love it’s golden/brown/tan color.

I have been collecting bronzers for a long time now and I have accumulated quite a lot already. Some that I don’t like I have given away.

Here are the bronzers that I love and use constantly. This is a mix of high-end brands and drugstore brands and I love everything here!IMG_0191

Let’s start with the very first bronzer that I bought way back in late 90’s.IMG_0292Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in Evanescent Golden Beige. I super love this that I hoarded. Until now I still have a few left. This is why I love Chanel cosmetics it takes a lifetime for you to hit pan.

I have been using this for so many years already. I heard this has already been discontinued. Altho’ I am not sure.

I apply this all over my face and it gives me a nice golden glow.IMG_0291NARS Bronzing Powder in the shade Casino.IMG_0311I know NARS best seller bronzer is Laguna. But I love this shade more. I just find Laguna so dark for me. Altho’ this is also quite dark but I like this shade more.

Sometimes I use this to contour. But I also use this to warm my face.

The Balm Bahama MamaIMG_0306One of the cosmetic brands that I love is The Balm. I like their blushes, highlighters, eye shadows and their make-up brushes.

Bahama Mama is something I always reach for. This is very pigmented and  blends well.

Revlon Photoready Bronzer in the shade Bronzed and ChicIMG_0317Since this is matte I usually use this to contour. I love matte bronzers and this is one of the matte bronzers that I like.

I just swipe my brush around it so it picks up all colors.

Elf Contouring Blush and Bronzing PowderIMG_0320Aside from NYX, Elf is one of my favorite drugstore brands. Elf is even cheaper than NYX but this brand is so good.

There’s a lot of Elf products that I like. And one of them is their bronzers. This palette already has contouring powder and bronzing powder.

This is very pigmented and blends well.

Benefit 10 Bronzing and Highlighting DuoIMG_0286This is the very first product of Benefit that I bought way back when they first opened their counter in FACESS in Hongkong.

Benefit is known for their good bronzers and highlighters. I like that it has pinkish shade.

Prestige Sunflower Illuminating Bronzing PowderIMG_0304I just recently talked about this product. This is one of my April favorites. I bought this in Beauty Bar in Rockwell sometime last year and it’s only now that I started to use it and love it!

I like that it’s not so shimmery. And I also like the shade. It comes out so natural when applied. I look like I just came from the beach!

Deborah Milano Bronzing Powder in the shade Terra Lumi-NatureIMG_0282Deborah Milano is a European drugstore brand that I like. It’s kinda pricey compared to the usual drugstore brands. But this is very good. I also like their eye shadow palettes.

Soleil Tan De ChanelIMG_0283I don’t have to say much about this product. This is one of my most favorite bronzers of all time!

This is in cream form but it dries powdery. This is expensive but hey, it’s Chanel.

Bourjois Bronzing Powder + Illuminateur DuoIMG_0287My favorite Bourjois product! I love bronzer and illuminator duos and this particular one by Bourjois is very good! Not to mention this smells like chocolate.

Benefit Hoola BronzerIMG_0289Like I said Benefit has really nice bronzers and Hoola is one of them.

I like the the natural shade of this and the way that it is very blendable is another plus.

NARS Contour Blush in the shade GienahIMG_0293NARS is one of my favorite brands and this contour blush is one of the reasons why.

I use the lighter shade to warm my face and the darker side to contour.

NYX Matte Bronzer in the shade DeepIMG_0295The reason why I like this is because this is matte. You hardly can find a bronzer that is matte.

I use this as a contour more than a bronzer.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder in the shade MediumIMG_0297I first heard about Body Shop’s bronzing powder from all the British beauty guru’s that I follow. They have been raving about how good this is and I couldn’t get hold of this since it is not available in our Body Shop here in Manila.

So, when I went to Hongkong last month I made sure I went to Body Shop and I am so happy I finally found it!

Sephora Sun Disk Bronzing Powder in the shade ArubaIMG_0300They name the shade Aruba. That sold me to it.

I imagine sun, sand and golden tan every time I use this. I love the shade of this. I glow when I apply it. I look like I just came from the beach!

This came out also in one of my monthly favorites.

Marc Jacobs O!MEGA Bronze in the shade 102 TantricIMG_0303Marc Jacobs cosmetics is very luxurious and very good. From their eye shadow palettes, to their lipsticks, to their eye liner pencils, to just about everything in their line.

This blend very well and very pigmented. Love this.

Smashbox Perfecting Bronzer in the shade Suntan MatteIMG_0305I was looking for their contour palette. I heard that it is very good. But when I went to Beauty Bar in Rockwell they didn’t have the contour palette so I picked this up instead.

Color pay off is good. Blendable. Pigmented.

The Balm Betty-Lou Manizer AKA The Bronzing BanditIMG_0308Another product of The Balm that I love. This is as good as their Mary-Lou Manizer AKA The Luminizer. The best luminizer.

Ètude House Face Color Corset in the shade #4 & #5IMG_0313My favorite Korean Cosmetic brand. Aside from Ètude House skin care (which they are well known for) they also have a long range of make-up products. I like their lip pencils, their eye brow gels, their mascaras, and their lipsticks.

Their contour which they call corset comes in two shades, #4 & #5. I sometimes use the darker shade for bronzer and the lighter shade to contour.

Tony Moly Crystal BlusherIMG_0315Another Korean Cosmetic brand that I love.

This is suppose to be a blusher but I use it as a bronzer and sometimes to contour. This is highly milled therefore it blends well. My camera didn’t pick up the color well and came out orange. The real color of this is golden brown.

Flormar Blush-OnIMG_0316Flormar is another European drugstore brand that I discovered. They have really nice blushers. This is one of their blushers that I like but I use it as a bronzer.

It has shimmers and it looks nice if you apply it on top of your contour.

Elf Golden BronzerIMG_0318Actually you can use this as highlighter. This is very shimmery and glow-y. The darker shade on the lower left is good to use for bronzing.

H&M Bronzing Powder in Dark TanIMG_0321Maybe some of you don’t know that H&M has a cosmetic section. But it is not yet available here in Manila.

I picked up a few of their cosmetic products in Hongkong recently. I love their lipsticks and this bronzer.

Smashbox Contour KitIMG_0323I have been looking for this for quite awhile. This was always out of stock. JSP found this for me in Sephora New York late last year.

Altho’ this is a contour kit I use the dark shade to warm my face as well.

Artist Palette Contour KitIMG_0327When Beth (family friend) found out that I was looking for the Smashbox Contour palette she found this and sent it to me!

I use this both to contour and to bronze. Love it!

Perricone MD No Bronzer BronzerIMG_0330This is my favorite bronzer.

If I were to choose my most favorite in my collection I would choose this first and second the Soleil Tan De Chanel.

This is very deceiving. You just need a little amount and it transforms your face to a sun goddess! And you don’t look like you have any bronzer at all.

So, there you are. My bronzer collection.

May 2015

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