Monthly Favorites – April

Here are my favorites last month. These are the products I have been loving for the month of April.



IMG_4849Let’s start with bronzer, Prestige Cosmetics Sunflower Illuminating Bronzing Powder in the shade SunkissedIMG_4861I have been using this nonstop. I love that it is matte but with very minimal shimmers. You can hardly notice it. This suits my skin tone and it looks so natural.

Maybelline Master Hi-Light in the shade NudeIMG_4862I just recently discovered this. I bought it in Watson’s Hongkong. I super love this. I have been using this non stop also ever since I got it. You only need a little and the color pay off is so good. I also picked up the shade Mauve but I haven’t use it yet.

I don’t know if this is already available in Manila.

The Balm Instain Blush in the shade PinstripeIMG_4867What draw me to this is it is long wearing and it is a nice shade.  It last the whole day without touch ups. This is very pigmented.

Benefit Stay Flawless PrimerIMG_4869I like the feel of this on my skin. It is so smooth and I don’t get any creases.

L’Oreal True Match Foundation in the shade N4 Nude BeigeIMG_4870This is my favorite drugstore foundation. It is very blendable and it is full coverage. It is semi dewy and semi matte that’s why I like it.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in the shade #10 SensoIMG_4872I am a great fan of eye sticks especially the ones of Laura Mercier. It is very convenient if you’re in a rush. It is very easy to use. Just spread all over your eyelids, blend it well and you’re good to go. This Giorgio Armani Eye Tint is similar to the eye sticks and I really love this.

Chanel Rouge Coco BaumeIMG_4878

Before I start putting on my make up I apply lip balm. My lips are so dry especially now that it is summer. This Chanel lip balm is what I have been using lately and I super love it!

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Base in the shade MediumIMG_4880This is what I have been using to prime my eyes. It corrects my skin tone and it doesn’t crease my eye make up. One of my favorite eye primers.

Sephora Blush in the shade Rose PetalIMG_4883I love the shade. Good color pay off.

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Highlighter/Illuminator in the shade Fair ClaireIMG_4886I first heard about this from the beauty gurus that I follow. It is not available here in Manila. When Claudia went to San Francisco a few months a go I told her to get this for me.

No wonder a lot of the beauty gurus in YouTube are raving about this. It’s very good. I use this to brighten under my eye area.

Catrice Cosmetics Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in the shade Choco WavesIMG_4889This is another drugstore product that I super love. Ever since I bought this I have been using it constantly. I like that it is a creamy eye pencil and I love the shade.

Body CareIMG_4854A few weeks ago, our family friend from the States sent me some stuff. And this is one of the things she sent me.

Serge Normant Hair SprayIMG_4893Aside from the scent (it smells so good!) I like that this is organic. It has natural extract of Echinacea, Chamomile and Rosemary. My hair doesn’t feel fried and sticky. One of the best hair sprays I have tried.

Andalou Naturals Shower Gel in Aloe MintIMG_4894I have all kinds of shower gels and I just recently purchased this and has become my ultimate favorite especially now that it is summer. It has a cooling effect that I love. It is so minty and fresh. And you don’t feel sticky at the end of the day and you smell good and fresh the whole day!

Super love this.

Andalou Naturals Floral TonerIMG_4898Like shower gels I also have all kinds of facial toner. I just recently bought this also and haven’t stop using it.

Soap & Glory Super Tonic Fragrance in OrangeasmIMG_4904 I love citrusy scents during summer time and this one is just amazing. Love this.

Andalou Naturals SPF 30 Facial SerumIMG_4908

I am using this as my sunblock and moisturizer. This is one product of Andalou Naturals that I love.

Ayurveda Body Oil in Peppermint and RosemaryIMG_4912I normally use body oil at night. I like that my body is soaked in natural oils the whole night. I have been using this for a month now and I really love it. The scent is so calming.

Non beauty

2 of my favorite sunglasses now. L to R: Prada, Dior

IMG_4858My favorite cases for my Iphone 6+IMG_4915I bought this in the streets of Hongkong when I was there last month. It’s made of bamboo. I am so in love with these!

Monthly Favorites April 2015

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