My fun-filled Labor Day week-end

Roxanne & Me we’re planning to go somewhere out-of-town last Friday. Just for the day. We needed to get back to the city since I have an event on Saturday. And the MayPac fight on Sunday.

Tagaytay was a no-no. First, Eric ( a friend of ours who lives in Tagaytay) wasn’t there, he went diving in Anilao. And second, I am sure everyone in Manila was there. Okay, maybe half of Manila was there.

We thought of going to Villa Escudero.

But waking up on Friday morning with intense heat we ended up having lunch in Wildflour, Salcedo Village. hahaha. Mga tamad.

We spent the entire afternoon just going around the city.

Saturday morning I brought Vito to his Orthopedic Doctor, Dr. Vince Gomez. He was having some chest pains since March. The minute he arrived from school (UBC, Vancouver) the first thing he said to me was he needed to see Dr. Gomez.

Costochondritis according to Dr. Gomez. Okay. Nothing serious. Normal for athletes Dr. Gomez told us.

Claudia joined us for lunch in Wholesome Table in BGC and stayed home the whole afternoon. It was very hot. The real summer heat at it’s best.

Sometime last week this landed on my work table: IMG_4844An invitation from CVS or Chuvaness as she is fondly called.IMG_4847CVS always gives the best themed parties. No one can beat her, in my opinion. She takes care of everything down to the last detail.

She turned Whitespace into a big Plane, CVS Airways, Business Class section. From the lighting 10985950_882793148459498_563489458671606289_nA big screen. 80’s movies were shown the whole time and her favorite Japanese old movies11178211_882793368459476_6736125368822076620_n11196236_882793218459491_6416575725047986632_nThe waiters were in Pilot’s uniform serving us in a cart. Just like in the plane.11078151_882793258459487_6675829928679841727_nAnd the food was served exactly like you’re on a flight. It was catered by no less than Gaita Fores. I wish the food on the plane was this good! 11150417_882793198459493_8771992237647583490_n

First served was the salad and apetizer. Spaghetini truffle cream & prosciutto pasta, Caesar salad with prosciutto crisp and parmesan croutons and some bread with CVS Airways butter.11209649_882793185126161_1371854360983185986_nMain course was pan roasted sea bass in cartoccio, malagos goat cheese potato torte, Lusso’s entrecote, french butter rice11200627_882793248459488_4125290966832238052_nNext was the desert. Soooo yummy! Vanilla creme brule, lychee gelato, CVS Airways chocolates and cupcakes.11196332_882793475126132_9201941175851711667_nI saw some good friends. The usual people I see in all CVS parties. L to R: Patrice Diaz, Patty Betita, Grace Velasco, Me, & Jeroen Van Straten (CVS’ husband)11050130_882793101792836_4707592354207556711_nSome scenes from the party. 11150950_882793288459484_7895498540438736790_n 11182367_882793405126139_4099009256918267458_n 11209745_882793428459470_4152093313410302091_n 11224636_882793541792792_5487737816320147978_n

Happy birthday Mother! Wish you happiness always.

I watched the MayPac fight with some friends in Rolls Royce Showroom in BGC. The kids watched with their friends in Chavit Singson’s house.

In my heart and all the hearts of every Filipino alive he is the true champion.10421546_882881251784021_1374576918236676344_n

Congratulations Manny Pacquiao!

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