Taking care of me…

Finally, after more than 4 years of putting it off, I took care of me. I can’t afford to put it off any longer.

The last time I had myself checked, as what the record say was 2010. So, when my OB GYN, Dra. Theresa Henson, saw my face she was shocked as I was. hahahahaha.

She goes: “finally I see your face! You owe me a pap smear, a mamo/sono, blood test, and colonoscopy.”

Ang haba na ng listahan ko!

She did a thorough check up while I was there. First, pap smear. Second, ultra sound.

My ultra sound came out good. No fibroids, clean, right size of my uterus, etc. Nothing to worry about.

After a few days Dra. Henson’s secretary texted me the result of my pap smear.


Next on the list was my blood work. Dra. Henson gave me a list on what needs to be done.

IMG_4784 She suggested that I have it done in Health Lab, it’s cheaper and they do home service. I checked Makati Med how much it would cost me if I had it done there and they said it was P16,465. While if I will have it done in Health Lab it will cost me P13,390 and it’s home service.

Dra. Henson’s secretary, Lyn, set an appointment for me in Health Lab the following day at 7am. Health Lab was on time, complete gadgets, their technician was clean and found my vein right away.11118628_875218605883619_5058853078971528826_n11013627_875218622550284_8890160301947394433_nThe technician took this much blood. Yikes.11018134_875218635883616_1861653030981168108_nIt was very convenient (home service), and was very quick. It took less than 20 minutes.

Next, is mammogram and sonogram which I had done yesterday.

My appointment was at 10:00 am in Makati Medical Center’s Breast Clinic.

11156197_875218915883588_8373866182670730170_nI was there before 10:00am and I was equipped with all the gadgets (Ipad mini, power bank for my phone and my mobile phone) to keep me busy.

The last time I had my mamo & sono was in 2010 and I waited for a long time. This time I made sure I was ready.

They called me around 10:15 to prep me for mammogram first. They let me change to a ‘lab gown’ or whatever it’s called.

11147586_875218705883609_7279059742290074584_nAnd led me to the patient’s lounge to wait for my turn. Surprisingly, there was hardly anyone there. This area is usually full.10959615_875218865883593_5468878887084683207_nI waited for my turn and went on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to keep me busy! hahahaha.

When my name was called, a technician led me to the mammogram room. It looks so creepy and scary. This is how the machine looks like. Apparently this is the latest machine. It is already digital and they don’t need to press our boobies that hard anymore. Not like before.20884_875218735883606_3906478255751789732_nThe technician sensed that I was kinda nervous so, she put me at ease and talked to me. She asked the normal questions and when she asked my birthday, she goes: “pareho pala tayo ng birthday Mam! Pareho tayong maganda.”

Okay, that made me relax a bit.

She was right. It didn’t hurt that much anymore. The procedure took less than 20 minutes. And she asked me to go back to the patient’s lounge and wait for my name to be called for the sonogram.

So, I went back and went on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter again! Social Media really made our life easier. hahahaha.

My name was called after 10 – 15 mins and I was led to the sonogram room.988915_875218899216923_8837328538677136180_nI waited for the Doctor for about 5 minutes and the whole procedure lasted for 10 minutes tops.

So, basically it took me just less than an hour! Wow. Far cry from my last experience in 2010 were I had to wait the whole afternoon and the procedure hurt like crazy!

The whole procedure (mammogram and sonogram) cost P5,300.

This morning Lyn (secretary of my Doctor) texted me result of my blood test.11149393_875270422545104_5990701340465485392_n

Okay. Confirmed menopause.

I feel like dying.


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