Korea Garden – The pioneer Korean Restaurant in the Philippines

I love Korean food. A few years ago I did not eat anything but Korean food for 2 years straight.

Every time I would go out to eat my first choice would always be Korean.

Last Monday my good friend Pam Garcia, who owns Korea Garden invited me to lunch. She wanted to show me real authentic Korean cuisine.

Every time I would go eat in a Korean restaurant I would normally order the most popular Korean food. Like Korean Beef Stew, Japchae, Kalbi Kui, Bibimbap, etc.

Pam told me, I will let you try other Korean dishes that is good.

When I got to Korea Garden this was the first thing I saw the minute I entered.19997_873740006031479_9067127794962583417_nI felt like a VIP! hahahahaha. Pam already pre ordered our food.

Like most Korean restaurants first thing that was serve was this.

ASSORTED BANCHAN – side dishes

11156390_873740032698143_4065924630516421990_nSo, while we were chit chatting, we were eating this. I love Korean side dishes that they usually serve while we wait for our food.

And after a few minutes all the food started to come one after the other! OMG. I could not keep up with it. Everything was very, very good!

Pam ordered us Bibimbap. She knows this is one of my favorites and she wanted me to try their version

Sizzling Bibimbap

It’s a heavenly combination of beef, flavorful vegetables cooked just right, fried egg on top and the spiciness of Korean chili paste with a hint of aromatic sesame oil. And my favorite part of bibimbap: the crunchy rice at the bottom provides the happy ending to this perennial winner!19525_873740226031457_5169219350513184131_n


Korean-style beef tartare… made from the freshest raw beef… sliced 1/8″ thin… and accompanied by Korean pear, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil, garlic, ground black pepper, salt, sugar, roasted sesame seeds, and pine nuts. Topped with an egg. This is so yummy! 



Korea’s great equalizer – these are the Korean pancakes enjoyed by both the rich and the poor.

A mixture of ground mung beans, pork, bracken fern, mung bean sprouts and cabbage kinchi. This delectable dish uses honey for seasoning.

GUJEOLPAN (the dish for Royalty)

Only one place in the Philippines serves it. Only in Korea Garden!

Gujeolpan is an elaborate Korean dish consisting of nine different food items assorted on a wooden plate with nine divided sections in an octagon shape. The name is composed of three hanja words: gu (nine), jeol (section) and pan (plate) in Korean.

Foods are separated by color and ingredients, and compromise various namul (seasoned leaf vegetables), meats, mushrooms, and seafood items. In the center of the tray is a stack of small jeon (Korean style pancakes) made with wheat flour, which are called miljeonbyong.

What was once available only to Korean nobility can now be enjoyed by anyone in one resto in the country.
You take that small pancake in the center and you choose which one you like to eat, like this


And you fold it and dip it in the sauce. So yummy!


Sliced, bite-sized pieces of fresh raw tuna & vegetables with red pepper paste dressing.


This dish is similar to Poke Bowl in Hawaii. This taste so good and fresh.


A winning combination of Korean mixed barbeque medley of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp and squid.

11160577_873740259364787_643441986617043552_nFor dessert Pam let me try this Korean ice cream called Samanco.

11136711_873740279364785_5304357836537397102_nAnd this is how it looks like inside


When I took a bite, oh my god, it was sooooo yummy!1798611_873740319364781_4996009377627296074_nThat red thing on top is red bean paste and it is just the yummiest!

I really enjoyed our lunch. Pam introduced me to some Korean dishes that I have never tried. So, now I already know what else to order aside from the usual Korean dishes that we normally order.

A short history of Korea Garden. The pioneer Korean restaurant in the Philippines.

“It was in the early ’70’s when my Mom made her mark in the annals of Manila’s restaurant history by opening Korea Garden.

Forty one years down the line, Korea Garden Restaurant is still capturing the Filipino heart and palate with authentic Korean cooking and homemade recipes.

“For my Mom, the pioneer of Korean food in the country, it was all about passion. Besides the delectable food, the secrets behind the restaurant’s longevity reside in the outstanding service, warm atmosphere, and most importantly, the nurturing hand of a woman who treated each meal as if it were her own family.”Pam Garcia.

The next time you crave for real authentic Korean dishes, head over to Korea Garden.


128 Jupiter St. Bel-Air, Makati

(02) 895-5443

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. The people behind Korea Garden Restaurant  did not ask me to blog about them.

Thanks Pam! Ang cute natin. hahahaha11110864_873740339364779_1838052626998225895_n


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