My sun protection

Sorry for the delay of this post. A few of you has asked me to blog about what sun protection I used during summer.

Altho’ we basically have the sun all year but undeniably during our summer months (March to June) the heat is different. It is sweltering, scorching and biting heat. So, we need to protect ourselves to the highest degree.

Let’s start with what I use on my face. The most important part of our body and the most expose to the sun.

After putting my under eye cream, this is what I apply first.

Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell SPF 30 Facial Serum

IMG_4739For those of you who have been reading my blog, you know that most of my skin care products that I use are organic. I have been using Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell for a long time now. Maybe 2 years or more.

This facial serum I use as a moisturizer and sun block as well (altho you can also layer this with whatever moisturizer you’re using). This is age defying, renew, repair & regenerate in one.

I wait for it to settle and then I apply my CC cream.

Etude House CC cream

This is one product of Etude House that I love.  I like this because not only it has high spf (spf 30), it also corrects my skin tone and it makes my skin glow.

IMG_4747Next, I apply my  BB cream.

IncaRose BB Cream Hyaluronic

The reason why I like this BB cream is because it has ‘hyaluronic acid’ in it. For some of you who doesn’t know what ‘hyaluronic acid is:

“Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring polysaccharide (carbohydrate) in the human body. It’s present in large amounts in the spaces between skin cells, where it provides moisture, plumpness, firmness and suppleness to the skin. It’s also present in the eyes and in the joint spaces, where it acts as a lubricant and ‘shock absorber.’

We are born with high level of hyaluronic acid, which keeps our skin plump and smooth. Unfortunately, our body produces less and less hyaluronic acid over time. The amount of hyaluronic acid in skin diminishes with age, most significantly after age 40.” – Arielle Kauvar, MD., Director of New York Laser and Skin Care. 

One ingredient that you should always look for when buying skin care products is make sure it has hyaluronic acid.

Aside from hyaluronic acid this has spf 15.

IMG_4750After prepping and priming my face, I am now ready to put on my make up.

And now for my body care.

For my body lotion I use this during daytime. I use body oil to moisturize my body at night.

Avalon Organics Moisture Plus

The scent I am using now is Lavender and this has spf 15. It has vitamins C & E for defense  against free radicals. It has organic lavender and arnica, plus licorice roots to soothe any redness in your skin. It also has hyaluronic acid with organic flax and borage oils for weightless hydration.

Make sure that the body lotion/moisturizer that you use during daytime has spf. The higher the spf the better.

IMG_4737When I go to the beach the sun protection I am currently using is this.

Alba Botanica Very Emollient Sunscreen

Aside from it is protecting you from the sun it is also moisturizing. No parabens, no phthalates or animal testing. It is 80 minutes water resistant. And it is spf 45.

IMG_4752Have a great summer everyone! And don’t forget to protect yourself before going out.


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