My gastronomic experience at La Cabrera Manila

Last Tuesday I had the most amazing gastronomic experience I ever had in my life.

Carlo Lorenzana, one of the owners of La Cabrera Manila, texted me and invited me for lunch to try Chef Juan’s new creation. But I couldn’t make it ’cause I was leaving for HongKong the following day. He texted me back and told me he moved the lunch the day after I arrived.

So I went.

Aside from me, Carlo invited a few people that helped La Cabrera get to where it is now. He also invited Cecile Van Straten of Chuvaness but Cecile couldn’t make it.

There were some top Ayala excutives that helped them get the space in Ayala 6750. Their favorite bloggers Ron & Chris of handpickebyronandchris. Monica and Ramon of People Asia. And of course me, their favorite customer (hehehe). Since Chuvaness couldn’t make it and I didn’t want to walk there alone, I decided to bring the CEO of Incubix with me.

Carlo warmly greeted me and introduced me to his partners/highschool buddies.



and of course Carlo1450961_869159189822894_2690347984134072743_nThe young and good looking men behind the success of La Cabrera Manila.

The staff gave me right away the menu of the day11064617_869159163156230_4090918295445713412_n

When I read the menu I was thinking maybe I will just choose what I want to try. I mean they can’t let us eat all these. The menu was very long, starting from ‘happy hour’.

The minute I sat down I was given a glass of Atlas Cumbres Extra Brut (2013)ac_extrabrut_2013

And Sangria was over flowing the whole time.11061975_869164116489068_398031913199829917_nFirst served was Bruschetta de Jamon Crudo – Parma Ham Bruschetta21323_869161413156005_733538261234639585_nFollowed by Bruschetta de Murcillo con Chutney de Tomates – Blood sausage bruschetta.


Here’s a close up of this blood sausage 11094691_869161676489312_7349964977695624427_nI sent this photo to Claudia and she texted back saying it looks yummy!

Then we were given Mollejas Grilladas – Grilled Sweetbreads11149506_869161793155967_1367206506565919809_n

Which confused me. “Sweet breads”. But it didn’t look like bread. But I ate it anyway, I didn’t want to look ignorant. hahahaha. And then I heard Monica telling Ramon that this was innards of the cow specifically the throat. And I started to laugh so hard when Chris said: “sweet bread? na saan ang bread?” I was not the only one.

Then came the salad.

Ensalada de chicharones y huevo a baja temperatura – Chicharones salad with poached egg11111211_869161733155973_5650291755477098000_n

I sent this photo again to Claudia and this time she said: “mommmm, we better eat there this week end!”

In between, Chef Juan would come out from the kitchen and explained to us what we were eating. How he made it, what the ingredients used, etc.

11127760_869161606489319_469237708221382328_nMore wine was served. Overflowing reds and whites.

Now the best part, the main course. We were told to choose what steak we want. 250 grams of our choice.

1. Cuadril – Coulotte/Picana Steak

2. Entraña – Skirt Steak

3. Vacio – Flank Steak

4. Costillas de cerdo con barbacoa – BBq Baby pork ribs

I chose Entraña.

10500457_869161899822623_3765894687692184515_nClose up picture. Medium rare of yumminess.


Aside from the steak we chose, we were given to share:

Bife de chorizo – Striploin

Ojo de Bife Maducado 12 dias – rib eye steak 12 days wet aged

10930930_869161929822620_6979256013362743487_nMore wine and sangria.

While we were eating Chef Juan and Carlo entertained us! hahahahaha.

11141208_869161526489327_3591349762581071539_nAnd what we were all waiting for after eating all those, the dessert! Eat all you can.

Rogel de Dulce de Leche – Layers of biscuits and Argentine Dulce de Leche topped with merengue11018163_869161973155949_4250876333355072269_n

Pot de Crème – Cooked Chocolate Mousse10421271_869163986489081_4399963137890994937_n

Pavlova – Merengue, Creme and Fruits 10609410_869164013155745_6550555340068449208_n

More wine and sangria.

At this point everyone had the right amount of alcohol already and were warming up to one another. Exchanging stories, jokes, and laughing, laughing and more laughing.

More wine and sangria please.

Top executives of Ayala Corp. chatting with Carlo.11009900_869159213156225_1550278899075995183_nMonica Araneta Tiosejo, staff writer of People Asia and People Asia’s Art Director, Ramon.11112830_869159279822885_4818013241246292195_nRon and Donnie seriously taking photos. 10357171_869161833155963_8541295613589929697_n

10500261_869161859822627_4447443594640006248_nDonnie, Monica, Carlo, Chef Juan and Chris. 11063913_869164036489076_2354130054532068953_n11146280_869164069822406_4365386724651244042_nOn my way to the comfort room I took some photos.

17426_869162053155941_141213139264569743_n 11102720_869163943155752_5597637113344096729_n 11112850_869162026489277_9009539380245097072_n 11130279_869161999822613_4347230685548089492_nThat was the longest lunch of my life. From 12:00pm to 3:00pm! I don’t have to tell you anymore how good the food was. La Cabrera wouldn’t be my favorite restaurant if it wasn’t.

Everything that was served to us that day were all good. Ibang klase. Ibang level. From the appetizers to the main course all the way to the dessert.

Aside from the food I love the ambience inside the restaurant. Very cozy, nice interior and the most important thing is the service is good.

I met some new people and met the entire cast of La Cabrera Manila.

The food that was served to us that day is not available yet. It will be available this week end.


This is not sponsored and La Cabrera Manila didn’t ask me to blog about them. They invited me because na cute-tan lang talaga sila sa akin.

Yun lang yun.

LA CABRERA Grillado and Bar
Ground Floor, 6750 Ayala Avenue, Makati, Philippines
Operating Hours: 11am-3pm/5:30pm-10:30pm
Mobile: +63 905 290-0703
Facebook: La Cabrera Manila


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