Hongkong – day 1

We only take Philippine Airlines if Cathay Pacific is fully booked. Our airline of choice to any destination has always been Cathay Pacific.

We were suppose to go to Tokyo for the Holy week cause Claudia wanted Tokyo but we couldn’t get a room. Any room in any hotel. So, last minute we decided to go here in Hongkong instead. It’s better than going to the beach at this time of the year.

As usual PAL was late. Our flight was suppose to be 10:10am but we boarded at 10:30 and finally flew at 11:00am.

We got in our hotel a little past 1:00pm.

We chilled for awhile in our room and after we rested we went to City Super (grocery) to get some munchies.

Our usual first stop in every country that we go is usually the grocery. Claudia loves to go to the grocery and check out the food.

11077858_865374963534650_6168162309814810457_nChinese munchies galore!


We found Claudia’s favorite candy!  Pods11078133_865374993534647_6700473165913776907_n

And our favorite Japanese nuts.11079108_865375156867964_1846838579322693343_n

This was the munchy of my choice.11127500_865375083534638_6458499025029732200_n

There were a lot of cute stuff that I saw but they didn’t get. Like these French cookies in cute tin cans. I assumed these are cookies.18403_865375236867956_6072787439699617648_n 11062091_865375193534627_6353694789573843549_n

And these cute coke bottles. We don’t drink coke so we didn’t get these.11006403_865375110201302_6352157212288897211_n

After doing the grocery on our way back to the hotel we dropped by some random shops. First shop we stopped by was Linda Farrow Gallery. You know me. I love sunglasses.


The first pair Claudia fitted was this. hahahaha.1902995_865375333534613_5102261627431620127_n

Next stop was Watson’s. We checked it out and didn’t buy anything.11094679_865375530201260_3505304104845994940_n

Next stop was COS. We freaked out. They had really nice bathing suits and Claudia went crazy! She told me to buy her all the designs and I bought for myself too!10989120_865375663534580_2100455299156855701_n

Then we dropped by Zara Home.11082508_865375633534583_957036501164455487_nAnd I wanted to buy the whole store. I love everything. Why don’t we have Zara Home in Manila?

We went back to our hotel and chilled again and we decided to have early dinner so we can rest early.

The minute we got here in Hongkong the first thing Claudia told me was: “Mom, let’s eat in BLT please. I have been craving for their burgers! Please Mom.”

So, thats where we went. She ordered her favorite burger and her favorite milkshake.

11127205_865375753534571_4602800200238537351_n 11081237_865375710201242_6599630758080220506_n

After dinner, we walked around and went to the bookstore.


We browsed around and we both bought some books. Claudia I think bought 4 books. I only bought 1. I left in our car the book that I was suppose to bring with me to read on the plane. So, I picked this up.10362569_865375833534563_3377418980906198617_n

We went back to our hotel and called it a night!

Glad to be back here in Hongkong. I kinda miss this place.

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