Eat. Love. Wear.


We had Claudia’s graduation dinner in Prime 101 along Pasong Tamo.11077956_863664973705649_894053788664482085_nIt’s my first time to dine here, it was Vinny who chose this resto since he has been here and according to him they have good steak.

And this is what you see in their menu. Menu ng presyo. LOL!

10625071_863665027038977_4329641040695807991_nVinny and I shared a rib eye steak. Their portions are really big. As a matter of fact we both could not finish our share.

11053465_863665067038973_2165508292688735534_nWe had assorted appetizers and side dishes but what intrigued me the most was the soup that they served us while waiting for our food.

This tiny cup was really, really good. Very rich and overflowing with distinct taste. 10410268_863665040372309_6023311586073666110_nThis is how the interior of the restaurant looks like. Photo via their website.

Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 6Everything we ordered were all good. But then again at that time anything would have tasted good since we were famished after Claudia’s ceremony. It’s worth a try if you love steak.


I surprised Claudia with a beautiful flower arrangement from Moss Tales the day after her graduation. When she came home after having lunch with her grandparents, this is what was waiting for her in her room.

1798754_863671750371638_7442720153004886950_n 10399442_863671763704970_4956207046330503828_nMoss Tales has yet to disappoint me. Loved it! And so did Claudia.


This is what I wore today during our family Sunday lunch in Apartment 1B, Rockwell.

IMG_9186 IMG_9188 IMG_9190 IMG_9191 IMG_9192 IMG_9194 IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9197 IMG_9198 IMG_9199My bruise is still very sore.

And talking about my bruise, this is what happened to me last Saturday early morning.

I woke up around 6:30am that day and after having coffee and checking my email and chatting with my good friend Jinggay I stood up and went to Claudia’s room.

Schumi sleeps in Claudia’s room every night and I was wondering it was already past 7:00am and Schumi was not out yet. So, I went to Claudia’s room to check on them.

When I entered the room was very, very cold. I saw Claudia under the comforter and Schumi was right beside her with no blanket. I was thinking he was probably feeling cold.

I went near the bed and pulled the comforter a little to cover Schumi.  When I bent down to cover him he was startled and his initial reaction was to jump on me. By that time my face was already right in front of his face and when he jumped on me the first thing that he hit was my face.

It happened so fast. The first thing that I thought was he tried to bite me. And the first thing that came out of my mouth was: “why did he do that to me?” Claudia woke up and asked me what happened and I said Schumi bit me!

I ran to the mirror cause I felt something on my face. There was so much blood and I freaked out. I kept on telling Claudia: “my face is bleeding, my face is bleeding.” Claudia was so calmed and told me: “wipe the blood mom and please no selfies.”

When I came back from Dr. Celdran’s clinic I posted a photo and my brother saw it on Facebook and got so worried. He texted me right away and I told him what happened. He told my Mom. Of course my Mom freaked out. She won’t believe my brother when he told her I was okay. He told her: “check Facebook cause she posted a picture.”

My mommy who doesn’t know how to use Facebook, checked Facebook and looked for my photo.

She texted me: “Cristina, call me now”. You know she’s angry because she called me by my first name.

So, I called and when she answered the phone she asked me right away if my face was operated. I said, NO! And she said: “why are you wearing a mask?”

Hindi ko sya agad na gets. I said: “what mask?” And she goes: “The one on facebook. Your picture with a mask on?”


I started to laugh my gut out.

Wrong picture, Mom.


Denim dress: H&M  |  Bag: Zara  |  Sandals: Forever 21  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Watch: Rolex Daytona  |  Hermes Kelly Bracelet  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces

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