What to wear?

It took me a few days to finally choose the top 4 on what to wear on Claudia’s graduation tomorrow.

I have to choose from what I have in my closet. Buying a new outfit for the occasion is out of the question. I still have a lot of clothes that I have never worn ’cause I am waiting for the right occasion.

I must admit I had a hard time choosing. With the help of Rochelle, here are my top 4 choices:

my first choice:

11053090_862397923832354_8321701288086730719_nMy second choice: 10420222_862397880499025_1143724847483253059_nMy third choice: 11083664_862397897165690_2372447877343778416_nRochelle’s choice and my last choice.

11081498_862397843832362_6700246570213106776_nI have to think that the venue will be in the covered courts of Ateneo and I am sure it will be packed and it’s going to be soooo hot.

So, I need to choose something that has light material.

Find out tomorrow what I end up wearing!


  • Never mind if it’s summer, go for your first choice- the black one. Mas mainit nga ang suot ng mga graduates , di ba? Besides, graduations are almost always formal, solemn occasions.

  • I agree, i like the black one, though it would be hotter than the other 3 which all look quite summery. Although, you can very well pull off any of these 3 anyways. If you have any other dress in lighter solid color for daytime that would be a little dressier than the 3 summery dresses, then i think that would be more appropriate. In the end, it is your choice.you know better mam:)

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