How to look 10 years younger. Instantly.

We all want to look 10 years younger than our age. Who doesn’t, right?

The only thing I like about growing older is the wisdom we gain. And the rest I try to go around it and try every trick known to mankind.

I read this article in Byrdie and I thought to myself, I am on the right track. See, that’s why I like the ‘wisdom’ thing that you gain as you grow older. hahahaha.

Tricks according to celebrity make up artist Fiona Stiles and celebrity hair colorist Denis de Souza.

1. Illuminize.

“When it comes to skin, luminosity and dewiness signify youth,” Stiles says.

2. Brown over black.

Stiles recommends choosing brown instead of black when it comes to your eye makeup. “Generally, black makes your eyes look smaller,” she says. “Plums are also really pretty colors for any eye color—they’re very warm.” Instead of harsh lines, she suggests using a chocolate brown eyeliner with “a little twinkle.”  

3. Soften your brows.

“In Asia, straight brows are a huge trend right now,” Stiles says. “After all, when you’re born, you have no arch.” She says that in the U.S., we like our arches high and dramatic—unfortunately, this can start to look cartoonish and severe once you get older. The solution? Soften your arch and fill your brows in lightly with a brow pencil that’s lighter than your hair color. If you have very light hair, Stiles says to use a tinted brow gel.”

4. Cream over powder.

When it comes to blush, choose cream formulas over powder—they blend seamlessly and settle into the skin without appearing caked-on. Surprisingly, Stiles says to avoid gel formulas if you have mature skin: “They look better on younger skin because they can be difficult to blend,” she explains.

5. Avoid sparkle.

Stiles advises that you avoid anything frosty or sparkly in the quest to look younger, because it can accentuate fine lines. Instead, opt for satin, dewy, or even matte finishes—they leave a chic, polished final effect.

6. Go lighter.

When it comes to your hair, there’s one general rule of thumb in terms of looking younger: go lighter instead of darker. “The darker your hair, the harsher it will look against your skin,” de Souza says. “It will show all of your wrinkles and lines, especially anywhere near your face line or eye area, [since] this [area] always becomes a focal point with any hair color or cut.” Instead, he suggests going lighter to soften your face and make it appear more youthful. But don’t get carried away—he says to go no more than two shades lighter than your natural hair color to keep things looking natural.

7. Go warmer.

De Souza recommends getting warm highlights around your face or a warmer base to promote a younger appearance. Choose honey, golden tones—he says they’ll complement your complexion and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

8. Get glossy.

One easy way to reverse time on your aging hair is a quick salon gloss. “It’s a great option when you’re looking to amp up the shine factor,” de Souza says. “It also keeps your color vibrant so that it doesn’t lose luster.” Between trips, keep your hair shiny and healthy by applying a hair mask at least once a week.

9. Mind your roots.

One last tip: keep an eye on your roots. De Souza says that it’s important for his clients to get their roots touched up every four weeks: “Once the grays start showing, it will definitely age you and [draw attention away] from the great color you once had.”

Read more here.tumblr_ndnkr67zD01qartp5o1_1280

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