Haul: Summer Sandals

Yesterday I dropped by H&M and Forever 21 to … ‘wala lang’. Nangushuso lang. It was still early and I didn’t want to go home yet. I was done already with my errand in Watson’s and I wanted to check out the new arrivals of H&M and in Forever 21.

I went to H&M first and there was only 1 item that I liked. I picked up this.

IMG_4562CollageI have always loved H&M’s foot wear. I love their ballet flats and slip ons.

I crossed over to Forever 21.

I am not really a fan of Forever 21’s footwear. Although sometimes naka kakatsamba sila and they have nice designs. Usually knock offs of the branded ones. But they are made of cheap materials.

When I went to their shoes section, I went ballistic. I totally lost it and bought a few pairs.

Their summer sandals now are very, very nice. At least for me.

Not only they were made of good materials, the styles are so ‘look of the moment’.

I ended up buying 9 pairs.

IMG_4559 IMG_45601. I super love this slippers! They have this in this color and matte gold. The straps are made of real leather.

Collage2 & 3. I love this! This is the kind were it gets darker as it gets older. Right now it looks like cream color but this is a tan color. The straps are made of real leather. And I like the white combination!

This come in this color and peach.

I super love this that I bought the peach color, too.

CollageCollage4. This is a knock off of Zara. Zara came out with this style last summer in black and I have those.

This one of Forever 21 is in burgundy and much better than the one of Zara. First, it is not bulky. The one of Zara was bulky and big. And second, I like that the hardware is in gold. The Zara version had silver hardware. This is made also of real leather.

Love it!Collage5. OMG. I love this pointed black patent shoes. Super, super love it! It looks so chic.

Collage6. Espadrilles sandals! How cute it this? Love it. And I love the tan color. The strap is also made of real leather.

This come also in black color.Collage7. Espadrilles slip ons! I can’t. I just can’t. Are you dying now?

This come in this color only.

Collage8. Another espadrilles sandals! Love it!

This come in 2 colors. Black and they also have this in red.Collage9. Remember last year when the Jesus sandals was so in? This is like the Jesus sandals. I love that it is made of real leather.  And I also love the ‘zipper’ detail at the edge. Super love it.

This only come in black color.CollageIf I were you run to Forever 21. NOW. These are running out fast.

And again, thank me later.

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