Willow Jewelry – on it’s 2nd year.

Willow Jewelry turned 2 years old last month!

I can’t believe it. I know some of you might say it is just 2 years old.  But for me it is 2 years old already!

Coming from a non-working housewife for more than 20 years, it is 2 years of…

– non stop learning the business from scratch.

– learning the importance of ‘packaging’.

– learning how to deal with clients.

– learning how to deal with suppliers.

– learning how to cope with “bulalyasos.”

– learning the ropes of shipping orders and dealing with couriers

– ‘fighting’ (friendly fights) with my goldsmith.

– and, 2 years of taking my time away from my kids.

That is 2 years for me.

I would like to say thank you to all those who have ordered from us. To our undying clients. To those who trusted us. To those who gave us a chance.


It has been 2 years and we had fun working with all of you.

Now, I want to refresh everyone our best seller items.


Monogram necklaces

10845989_796550407083773_7970614472632034932_n 11041810_845953788810101_576437483760683438_n 11042981_845953755476771_8965017999190859464_n

Name Necklaces10306243_791810757557738_8099862773438674593_n 11018584_845953532143460_3890190948702727865_n 11014996_845953588810121_7357531942571987614_n11024618_845951968810283_1654321515372734637_n


Fun Necklaces

960295_845953602143453_2267754660214757911_n 988495_845951885476958_1379517607616670598_n 10906289_845953502143463_8798249939395530714_n 11021084_845951828810297_2951373721909819387_n10527420_845951775476969_3651890451601262354_n10959906_845953802143433_2964076072111529664_n11017511_845953655476781_8852152558600081566_n11050301_845947378810742_8000069030893108368_n



Double Ended Pearl Bangle in sterling silver10409128_845953718810108_2896209601279268016_n

Double Ended Pearl Bangle in gold10647191_845953855476761_1071986843026237517_n

Monogram Bangle


Hearts Bangle in gold10989972_845951808810299_8922320555390254414_n

Cross Bangle in gold


Love Bangle in gold


Double Cross Bangles in sterling silver11050714_845951715476975_643000563875804383_n

Pearl Bracelet with Initial10995650_845951755476971_5387966881073890306_n

Monogram Bracelet in white gold11041599_845952012143612_4852386794312540323_n

Raw Quartz BangleIMG_3027



Monogram ring in gold10475846_845951945476952_2389115075649895272_n

Monogram Ring in white gold

11021161_845953458810134_1162574821622207850_n1484716_845951595476987_1942435167003279017_n 11008483_845951732143640_7783565380554909113_n 11045005_845951462143667_8303659057424715363_n

Raw Quartz Rings

11001896_845953872143426_2579055050524727444_n 11044596_845951898810290_7284016529590359099_n

Gem Stones Rings







Double Ended Pearl Ring


Please visit our site to view more of our items. Click here.

For your orders, email us at: willowjewelrybrand@gmail.com

Call or text us at: +63999 881 1609

Thank you!

The Willow Jewelry Team



  • Ms. T, i’m the one fr Cebu who bought your double-sided pearl earrings. I’ve worn it to death since and never regretted the buy.. Cheers !!

    • Thanks Len! My good friend Abet Ong has exactly the same earring yu have and she wore it to death also. In fact she wears it all the time!
      Thanks again!

  • congratulations! i know willow jewelry is your fourth baby. you are so successful because you put your heart and soul to it. more power!!

  • I’m happy you included the ballerina sa fun necklaces, Tina! Congratulations on your 2nd year! Cheers to more! Ordering soon, looking for designs pa 🙂 And, thank you Tina, your posts make me happy!! – ice

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