Eat. Love. Wear


Early last week I was craving for Chicken Bacolod House grilled chicken.

Chicken Bacolod House grilled chicken has been my favorite for a long time already. Maybe since late 90’s. But I only eat there when I am with friends who loves eating there also. Not all people will like it there. Not because of the food but the place.

It’s a typical hole in the wall. I love hole in the wall restaurants. You’ll be surprised some of the best food are found in hole in the walls.

But definitely not my kids.

I remember when my kids were small, I think Vinny was 9 years old, I brought them there. When we were served, Vinny refused to eat. He couldn’t understand why we have to eat on a banana leaf. We left and I brought them somewhere else instead and I never brought them back anymore.

Yaya Norma was so angry at me: “bakit mo naman dinala dito ang mga alaga ko?”

And so, I had this. Grilled chicken paired with enchaladang mangga. The best!


Another food that I was craving for is Japanese Ramen.

We went to this authentic Japanese restaurant somewhere in Pasong Tamo near Little Tokyo and they had authentic Japanese ramen.

I forgot the name of this ramen that I ordered.10994338_845491745522972_1965823877946575626_n

I didn’t like it. It was good, no doubt about it. But it was just too Japanese for my taste. I’m so used to ramens that are already “Filipinized.” If there is such a term.

But I still had fun. I got the ramen that I craved for and that’s the most important thing.

Last Friday, I had lunch with my favorite BSM (British School Manila) Mom, my good friend Maricar Zaldarriaga. Her son Paolo was Vito’s classmate and barkada in BSM. Maricar and I have stayed in touch even after our children have graduated high-school.

She’s also empty-nesting like me. Paolo is her only son and is now studying in Yale. So, we go for lunches every now then.

If you are my age or within my age range, you would know who she is. She is a beauty queen. She was Miss Young Philippines (I forgot the year).

The beautiful Maricar Zaldarriaga. 10256895_844445385627608_3785515619397360912_n

I remember when I was growing up in Cebu, when I was in high school, she was very popular. She used to grace the cover of all magazines. Mod, Women’s, Woman, etc. I used to admire her beauty from afar and became her fan, so to speak. Little did I know that one day she would become my friend.

We ate in my favorite restaurant, Blackbird. Like I mentioned in the past, my 2 favorite restaurants in 2014 are La Cabrera and Blackbird.

I had my favorite pasta. Their Portobello Mushroom Pasta.10421204_845491778856302_6676156496031732702_nMaricar had their Wagyu steak.11024773_845491795522967_7780007884407522085_nWe shared a desert, Blackbird’s famous cheesecake.1908285_845491845522962_4477747798573733168_nAfter having coffee we took a selfie ’cause she wanted to show it to Paolo. Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 4

I always love taking a picture with Maricar ’cause feeling ko beauty queen na rin ako! Hahahahaha.


2 things I love this week.

1. My order in Ebay finally arrived. Every time I have an online purchase one of the addresses that I give is my niece’s address in L.A. She is a PAL stewardess and they have an apartment in L.A. ’cause her hubby is based there. She has a flight to L.A. at least twice a month and she hand carries my orders to Manila.

This is my first time to order in Ebay. I saw this item in one of the videos of one of the beauty gurus in Youtube that I follow. She was using this Chanel hand mirror.

One of her subscribers asked her where she got the mirror.

She said when she went to one of the Chanel stores in L.A. she saw this hand mirror but the sales assistant told her it’s not for sale. It is for store use only. But she found out from the sales assistant that some people are selling it on Ebay. She said maybe some Chanel employees got the mirrors and sell it on Ebay. So, she looked it up and true enough she found it.

I went to Ebay right away and found it, too. The seller where I bought mine was selling it as a set. The hand mirror and a make up brush holder! How lucky can I get.

I ordered this last month but my niece had a flight to L.A. only last week. So, I got it a few days ago only. And I am very happy!

The hand mirror.

IMG_4431 IMG_4446And the make up brush holder.

IMG_4434My favorite make up brushes has a beautiful home now.

IMG_44412. Chuvaness sent me this beauty book last week. And I love it!

A new addition to my collection. I just recently started to collect beauty and fashion books.

The MAC book came with a MAC lipstick palette.

IMG_4438 IMG_4439Love it! Thanks Mother.


My good friend Abet Ong got me as one of the 18 treasures of her daughters debut on May. Yesterday she asked all the 18 treasures to go to Prose & Poetry Patisserie in Shangri-la Mall to have brunch and shoot the video of us saying our wishes to the debutante.

She said to come in pastel colors.

This is what I wore.



Top: H&M  |  Jeans: Zara  |  Sunglasses: Gucci  |  Bag: Givenchy Antigona  |  Shoes: Herve Leger  |  Watch: Chanel  |  Michael Kors Bead Bracelets  |  Willow Jewelry Southsea Pearl Earrings

When I woke up this morning I felt the summer air and the summer vibe. The sun was shinning so early in the morning to tell us that summer is indeed here.

I remember Hawaii every summer ever since we started going there in 2012. For me summer is Hawaii.

The air, the people, the beach, the food and the shopping. I miss all those. And I need to go back. ASAP.

Summer wouldn’t be summer for me if I don’t go there.

We went to have lunch in Kitchen 1B today. Kitchen 1B is in Gamboa Street in Legaspi Village. This is one of Claudia’s favorite restaurants.

I believe it is also owned by the same people who owns Apartment 1B. The food is good, the place is good and the staff are good.

It’s worth checking out if you haven’t.

My first outfit of summer 2015.

IMG_8429 IMG_8430 IMG_8431 IMG_8432 IMG_8433 IMG_8434 IMG_8435 IMG_8436 IMG_8438 IMG_8440 IMG_8443 IMG_8444


T-shirt dress: H&M  |  Slip ons: Topshop  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Sunglasses: Super Sunglasses  |  Watch: Chanel  |  Michael Kors Beads Bracelets  |  Willow Jewelry Knot Earrings  |  Michael Kors Necklace  |  Chanel Necklace  |  Chanel pin  |  Bag Accessory: Gucci

Eat. Love. Wear. – 2015


    • Yaya Norma has been with us for a long time. Even before I gave birth to Vinny. She took care of tb since he was 13 y.o. So, she’s like family to us already.
      She retired in 2008. She visits the kids all the time and she was the first one to cry when the kids left to study abroad.

  • Dearest Tina, I am so honored that such a lovely person, inside and out would put there trust in me. Thank you for your purchase of the Chanel set and I am so thrilled you love them.

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