7 Fashion Mistakes Every Girl Should Avoid and Revisiting my favorite old pair of Levis Jeans

As I was browsing my newsfeed on Facebook I came across this article in WhoWhatWear that I want to share with you.

The fashion mistakes that every girl should avoid. I want to share this with you because these are the very thing I try to avoid and maybe it will help you, too. Sort of a guideline.

1. An ‘I-only-wear-designer-duds’ attitude.

Who wouldn’t want a closet full of designer clothes. That’s every woman’s dream. But it doesn’t necessarily mean you got it all right. Or it doesn’t necessarily mean you have an impeccable style. Your clothes doesn’t really have to be branded for you to look good.

I can wear Forever 21 or H&M and carry it just as well as the branded ones. Sometimes you can’t even tell the difference anymore.

2. Copying someone else’s exact personal style.

I remember when my kids were still in grade school I used to go to their school everyday to pick them up and hang out with the other Mommies. There was this one particular Mommy that copied me. In the beginning I didn’t notice it but eventually I caught up with her. She copied my style to the point that I got so annoyed.

I got annoyed because the other Mommies noticed it and would tell us we look like twins. Ughhhh, I hated it.

Have your own personal style. Someone might look good wearing a skirt but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one, then don’t.

3. Wearing shoes you can’t walk in.

I was never a high heels kind of girl. Up to now I cannot walk with heels. It started when I was in high school. I was the tallest in my class and I was so conscious that I was taller than my classmates. So, I only wear flat shoes. Eventually, I never learned how to wear heeled shoes.

The most I wear is kitten heels that I wear on special occasions.

There are some women who insist on wearing heeled shoes and ended up looking funny ’cause they walk like a duck. Not only they walk like a duck I am sure their feet is killing them.

I am all about comfort. If I am not comfortable with what I am wearing then I am never leaving the house. It’s as simple as that.

4. Mixing too many trends at once.

Don’t be a fashion victim or you’ll end up looking ‘trying hard’.

5. Over-accessorizing 

I’m guilty of this. hahaha. I feel naked if I don’t accessorize. I am fond of stacking my bracelets and my necklaces.


If I am wearing a chunky necklace I don’t wear anything else except that. I only stack on bracelets and necklaces if they are small in size.

See. there are ways to go about it. And you get way with it without looking gaudy.

6. Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly.

Different brands have different sizes. If they say size 4 some brands are not exactly size 4. So, you end up buying the wrong size sometimes.

Alteration Plus is everywhere. They have a branch in Power Plant Mall, San Antonio Arcade in Forbes Park and Glorietta.

Make them your bestfriend.

7. Leaving the house with wrinkly clothing.

Since my closet is always over flowing even if the maid irons my clothes before putting it inside my closet it gets wrinkly no matter what.

What I do is, before jumping in the shower I choose already what to wear and while I am in the shower the maid irons my clothes.

So, there. No wrinkly clothes.

Try to follow this guideline and for sure you’ll look fabulous.

Anyway, I went to S&R this afternoon to pick up some groceries. I found my favorite old pair of Levis jeans. I was so happy so I wore it today.

Back in late 90’s up to mid 2000 the only brand of jeans I wear is Levis. I love their fit. It’s as if it was made for me. This one I’m wearing is my favorite pair, Levis 593.

IMG_4406 IMG_4409 IMG_4411 IMG_4414 IMG_4416 IMG_4417 IMG_4418 IMG_4419 IMG_4421 IMG_4425 IMG_4426And by the way, I wash my hair today so you can see now the exact cut of my hair minus the ‘salon’ blow dry.

I kinda like it like this. Minus the ‘salon’ blow dry. It looks natural.

Like this.



Top: Dorothy Perkins  |  Jeans: Levis 593  |  Shoes: Zara  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Watch: Michael Kors  |  Sunglasses: Forever 21  |  Willow Jewelry Necklaces  |  Willow Jewelry Double Ended Pearl Ring  |  Dior Earrings


  • Love your hair! You look young and fresh 😊. I totally agree with #1. I read somewhere that dressing only in designer items only shows one has money but not necessarily style. The most stylish can wear the least expensive yet still look elegant. And they can easily mix high-end with street-style brands impeccably. Just like you 😊

  • Really really love your new look 🙂 You can really tell that it’s a good cut since it already looks fabulous even without much styling/blow-drying. Thank you for these fashion reminders, love too that you included your own personal take on each of the points. Enjoy your new ‘do, Ms. T!

    • Thanks! napapa arghhhh lang ako kasi we see each other everyday! And she was scheming. She would ask me where I buy my stuff and secretly she’d buy also and pretends ohhh, we have exactly the same! hahahahahaha

  • Hi ms. T! Must say that these words of advice are spot on. Just goes to show that if you feel happy and comfortable with who and what you are, it shines through and people can see 🙂

    This is my first time to comment but i’ve been a follower of your blog for a few months now! Your entries bring me soo many feels cause you remind me of my own mom (pls dont take that as an insult, i’m vinny’s age lang hehe). When you share about how you would prepare claudia’s food daily (i’m an athlete too!) or how you would race around the city to collect stuff for vito before he flies out of manila, i recall the times my mom had bent over backwards and turned the world upside down for my own needs (and then i get senti and miss her more cause i moved out of the house already… see, ms. T, you’re such an effective writer na, you evoke so many emotions in your readers)! Lots of love, all the best, and do keep the posts coming! 🙂

  • i envy you that you still fit in your old jeans! life is not fair!!! hahaha! looking great in your new hairstyle! thanks for sharing

  • I enjoyed this post! These are definitely all that I try to observe for mself, instinctively. I was guilty of copying from someone I admired before, because I had no idea how to dress up.. with age comes the development of your style, and experimenting helps to figure out what you look best in. Cheers!

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