Eat. Love. Wear.


Last Sunday we went to Legaspi Sunday market and had a feast. I haven’t been to the Sunday market in a long time. The last time I was there I was with Claudia and we went crazy with the fruits and veggies.

This time I went crazy with the food.

11009088_841704415901705_3827655730782869812_n 1506989_841704475901699_4929729262441351696_n 10592825_841704369235043_8999558194048129660_n

This is my first time to eat in the market. And okay, it was something different. Kung maarte ka, hindi ka pwede dito. You eat with plastic spoon and fork and the rice you eat it on top of a banana leaf. You share tables with other people, total strangers.

I didn’t mind the inconveniences at all. What’s important I guess is if you’re with the right people who are not maarte also. And I was with the right people. So, I had fun! Good thing I always have wipes in my bag.

Claudia asked me to make her lunch last Monday. Greek Yougurt Egg Sandwich.


She loved it and told me the sandwich was good. In fact, I made the sandwich twice last week.

If you’re interested these are the ingredients:


Bread (any kind you want, we used wheat bread), greek yogurt, mayonnaise, boiled eggs, avocado, tomatoes, arugula, salt and pepper.

Mix in a bowl the chopped boiled eggs with greek yogurt and mayonnaise and season it with salt and pepper. After that arrange on top of the bread the arugula leaves, avocado and tomatoes and put the egg mixture on the very top.

That easy.

Like I said the other day I had an out of town guest. My friend Amy arrived in Manila from Davao for a Doctor’s convention (she’s a Pediatrician) and hand carried tuna belly for me!


I got it sooo fresh. That night I grilled a slice for Vinny which he loved.


I treated Amy to lunch in The Last Chukker in Manila Polo Club and I loved what I had.


I had the Cheeca Pasta and their Peperoni pizza. The Last Chukker is known for their good pizza. They cook it the authentic way, inside a stone oven. In tagalog it’s called pugon.

Amy was on a diet and had Mrs. O salad and shared the pizza with me.


I finally did it!

I joined the bandwagon and chopped my hair off. I have been wanting to do this ever since my favorite beauty gurus in Youtube jumped in this latest craze called LOB (long bob).

But I wasn’t ready to cut my hair that short. I have crazy hair and it becomes crazier when it is short. When Roxanne cut her waist length hair about 3 weeks ago, I was still very hesitant.

I dunno what gotten into me but the other day I texted Teng (of Emphasis) and told him that I needed a hair cut. So, he booked me with Moussa yesterday at 10am.

I went to my appointment armed with these pictures.

10309181_841703899235090_1749089861355822274_nScreen Shot 2015-02-22 at 12

I told Moussa I want similar to these cuts. But he told me I will make yours better than those pictures. Sige nga tingnan natin Moussa bebe.

So, Moussa cut away.

10991156_841703649235115_6671534525497465916_n 11002618_841703675901779_8886815997858412940_n 11009854_841703609235119_3627267553433266928_n

This is the second time Moussa did my hair. Aside from Teng, I like Moussa also. Teng trained him so well that he became better than him.

Yesterday he was in a bad mood. Maybe because he was pissed off with his assistant and also his girlfriend went home to Italy and it will take a long time for them to see each other again. So, medyo masungit si Moussa kahapon.

He didn’t like the way his assistant blow dried my hair so he did it himself. Medyo galit si Moussa at muntik na luto ang bunbunan ko sa hair dryer.

This is the outcome. The typical salon look. I will post again some photos after a few days when it will look more natural.

10411271_841703369235143_771622014296598557_n 10434347_841703392568474_2927222708831439996_n


Some outfits that I have been loving.

I love the button down white shirt paired with black jeans, semi tucked in and the ankle boots. And where she hang her sunglasses made it look more sexy.

10987651_10153659577397942_8716422612145869137_nBoyfriend jeans, white v neck tshirt, coat and sneakers. My kind of look.main.original.585x0 (2)

Shorts paired with printed coat. Love it!main.original.585x0 (3)

Tshirt dress over leather jacket.main.original.585x0 (4)

Another tshirt dress with leather jacket.main.original.585x0 (5)

2 things.

1. her ankle grazer jeans

2. her turtle neck sweatermain.original.585x0

The perfect skinny jeans with white shirtmain.original.585x0 (6)

I have always loved the way the Olsen twins dress up. Look at the cuteness of these 2. Makes me want to have a twin!main.original.585x0 (1)

Eat. Love. Wear. – February 2015


Renovation of my blog on going.


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