Willie Revillame – a fallen star?

Last night before I went to sleep I checked my newsfeed on Facebook. One of the things I read was this: Willie Revillame May File Bankruptcy.

I read it and shared it on Facebook. The first thing that came to my mind was, “wow, he lost all that?”

I am Willy’s biggest fan. Some of you that has been following me since way back in my old blog will know this since I wrote about it here.

This morning I googled him ’cause I want to know what happened. I didn’t know that his show in ABC5 is no longer on air. And since I rarely watch TV these days I don’t know what’s going on in our local showbiz world.

When I googled him I found this.

You may not share my feelings about Willie. I know a lot of you can’t stand him and don’t like him. I respect that.

But I remain to be his fan. In good times and in bad.

He pulled me thru in one of the deepest times of my life when there was no one I could turn to. He was there.

Making me laugh even for just 2 hours a day. He was there. Rain or shine.

And he pulled me through.



  • I used to watch his show on TFC, it has a huge following overseas.
    Why did they cancel it? I wish they found a way to save the show, set aside their differences. There’s nothing like it on TFC now.

    Families would watch it together, grandparents while babysitting, young and old, they loved his show. You laughed, you cried, it was priceless entertainment.

    And for that, thank you, Willie!

  • I’ve watched Wowowee live at the ABS-CBN studio then. He’s actually a kind person. He encouraged me to dance with him but I’m too shy to do so and led him instead to other senior citizen relatives instead 🙂

  • Willie is a kind man. I may not like his on-cam persona (which is completely different from how he is in real life) but I have the deepest respect for him. A few years ago, we approached him to ask for a favor. He acceded to it, no questions asked. When we went back to him to return the favor, he refused to accept it. No conditions nor fanfare.

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