Eat Love Wear

This will be a new segment in my blog that will come out every weekend. It will be about my favorite food for the week, what I have been loving for the week and my favorite outfits of the week.


It was my cousin Mike Reyes’ birthday a few days ago and we celebrated it yesterday at Fish & Co. in GB3 together with my other cousins. Mike is the son of my Mom’s brother, Uncle Quito.

We basically grew up together. Altho’ I am older but during our growing up years we spent a lot of time together.

Left: Rina (Mike’s sister), Mike, Riza (Mike’s wife)

Right: Rach See (Fiancee of my cousin Peter), Peter & Me

10985531_834379796634167_5138004799411401305_nIt’s my first time to eat here. But I have eaten Fish & Co. in Singapore. I was shocked to see Filipino food on our table.

Mike luckily ordered all my favorites. I came a few minutes late and he ordered for all of us.

1501675_834379879967492_4679028194600949870_nOne of my favorites. Gising-gising. I think this is kangkong stalks with minced pork and coconut milk. This is kinda spicy.

10959566_834399973298816_8720084010434759521_nGrilled pork. Should I say more? hahaha.

10968368_834379856634161_7897477580926623096_nI don’t know what they call this but this is fish and chicken. The chicken was sooooo good!

10985547_834379919967488_6344247376468858457_nGrilled tuna belly. So good! I like the belly more than the panga. A lot of people like the panga.

We had fun. Just like old times. Food is so much better when you’re with the right company.


Schumi sleeps in Claudia’s room every night. But when Claudia goes out at night she leaves Schumi in my room and I have to baby sit him until she comes home. I baby sat for Schumi Friday night and last night.

Lat night when Claudia left she gave Schumi a small ball and I ended up playing fetch with him the whole night.

At first I did not know what to do. He keeps on giving me his ball. He drops it in from of me and I’d tell him: ‘awwww, you’re so sweet Schumi. You’re giving me your ball.” So, I’d give it back to him and he would give it back to me again.

So, when Claudia texted me and asked how Schumi was I told her: ‘he’s so sweet, he keeps on giving me his ball.’ And Claudia told me, ‘Mom, you’re suppose to throw it and he will fetch it. He loves playing fetch!’

hahahahahahaha. I’m such a bad baby sitter.

That’s what I did. He gives me the ball and I throw it and he would fetch it and gives it back to me. But he won’t stop! We played fetch the whole night until he got tired.

Some photos I took of him.

1969160_834379766634170_4708859472348997494_n 10428049_834379703300843_6200696097841152281_n 10846325_834379959967484_1992095392117966192_n 10954452_834379653300848_8137281539871816126_n (1) 10959520_834379726634174_3645633145122250851_n 10982705_834379783300835_511627695101411478_nI love babysitting this big guy!


I wore one of our ‘just because tees’ yesterday. I paired it with this H&M skinny jeans that I bought in Milan, Italy last time I was there. I love the fit of H&M jeans.

Pointed shoes is slowly coming back and I am wearing this old pair that I bought many years ago in one of our trips. I already forgot where I bought it and the brand has faded.

Wearing also Ètude House bright pink lipstick. And my favorite Rayban shades.

IMG_8216 IMG_8215 IMG_8218 IMG_8219


Top: Just because tees  |  Jeans: H&M  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Sunglasses: Rayban  |  Watch: Rolex  |  Hermes Clic Clac  |  Mise En Dior Earrings

This is what I wore on Keri’s birthday lunch last Tuesday.

I have a lot of good finds in Forever 21. One such find is this crop denim button down shirt. I paired it with Zara black bandage skirt and I am wearing my favorite Tom Ford sunglasses.



Button down shirt: Forever 21  |  Skirt: Zara  |  Shoes: Valentino  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  |  Watch: Marc Jacobs  |  Willow Jewelry Southsea Pearl Earrings


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