Keri Zamora – The birthday girl

Keri posted this photo on Instagram right after our lunch today.


It’s true.

1. we met on her birthday in 2011.  And ever since that time we have been good friends.

2. we both haven’t aged.


The photo on the left was taken in 2011 on her birthday lunch in People’s Palace. And the photo on the right was taken today in La Cabrera where we celebrated her birthday.

Both photos were taken by Chuvaness.

So, we had lunch today me, Keri and Chuvaness in my favorite restaurant La Cabrera.

We had the usual Ojo de Bife

10313833_832071323531681_4340017519921008663_nI had the steak rice.1509674_832071243531689_6205746581141551614_nAnd the chicharones. I wanted them to try.


Keri had their Chorizo Fettucine

10968420_832071220198358_3755319616533170880_nChuvaness ordered grilled chicken but I forgot to take a picture.

We had such a lovely time catching up. I always have fun with these two.

– Chuvaness made Keri a cute birthday card! Find me. I am somewhere in the card.10269445_832071533531660_5308965957200035697_n– Chuvaness’ bag. Leave it to her. She always have the nicest bags.

268559_832070930198387_3192963411796816576_n– and… even if it’s not my birthday I also had a gift. Thank you Mother!

IMG_4069Missoni umbrella. Hay naku, gusto ko na umulan para magamit ko!

One of things that I am forever thankful for is God took away the people who pretended to be my ‘friends’ and in return gave me the greatest friends.

Keri and CVS are truly the greatest friends anyone can have.

Happy birthday Keri!

CollageStay beautiful and fabulous! Here’s to more birthdays.


*My monthly favorites will be posted tomorrow



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