Good finds in Landmark and Tru Value

First day of the week and I had to do some house errands.

Schumi ran out of toys. hahahahaha.

Among all our dogs Schumi is the only one who love toys. I have never seen anyone who love toys as much as he does. He has to have something in his mouth all the time. Especially when we come home and happy to see us he goes around crazy looking for something to put in his mouth.

I bought him a lot of toys last year but it’s all gone now. Claudia told me: “mom, you need to buy toys for Schumi.”

I love the dog toys in Tru Value, Power Plant. That’s where I go if I want to buy dog toys. Maybe because I really have not gone to a lot of Pet stores.

I bought Schumi a lot and he went crazy when I got home. We had to hold him down ’cause he keeps on jumping around.

IMG_4061He went crazy that he didn’t know which ones to play first.1503316_831589610246519_2680352522885310373_nHe found his favorite one that he played with the whole day.

CollageAnd he was so gigil with the pink teddybear. Vinny asked: “why is he trying to kill it?”

10942609_831384563600357_5630657050416898624_nAnyway, enough with that. After lunch I went to Landmark to pick up a few things.

I love going to Landmark’s home department. I find so many good stuff there every time I go.

This time I found these.

I went crazy with their flower pots. Rustic. My type.

10968525_831505300254950_4977229428772072069_n 10959894_831505326921614_547490303280472239_n 10934087_831505356921611_4267342389413007713_n 10487319_831505283588285_8185960089382406686_n 10340016_831505400254940_3584254517456508741_nAnd these rustic kitchen jars.

1610871_831505266921620_7291039563941677621_n 10382434_831505426921604_2574083599480519513_n 10647034_831505240254956_6691563529576226426_n 10945599_831505500254930_5637819260660941583_nMason Jars, anyone?16688_831505663588247_884497222499912381_noo nga naman.

10247416_831505103588303_8004299417787627804_n 1510416_831505176921629_6168865273182381343_nI couldn’t stand the cuteness of these. I had to buy all colors. I love the lilac one. But I also love the pink, the yellow and the green.

10917884_831505523588261_3228085971067850287_nAnd these, too!

10409253_831505576921589_1357042464416533288_nAnd these. I want to buy them but I am still thinking where to put these. But I love it!

10949723_831505773588236_7846882179637594440_n 10947176_831505760254904_6515733604792377006_nThere were a lot of really cute stuff and I did not even go to the kitchenware section.

Wearing ‘just because tees’ when I went around doing errands.

And take note of the orange lipstick! hahahaha

IMG_8161IMG_8146IMG_8148IMG_8151IMG_8152IMG_8153IMG_8156IMG_8157IMG_8158IMG_8160IMG_8162IMG_8155IMG_8163Up next my January favorites.


Top: just because tees  |  boyfriend jeans: F21  |  Shoes: Chanel Espadrilles  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Watch: Cartier  |  Sunglasses: Prada  |  Hermes Clic clac  |  Willow Jewelry earrings  |  Michael Kors bracelet

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