The love of my life and my bestfriend

Before anything else I want to update you with my ‘Proust Questionnaire’ segment. I promised that I will be doing this segment monthly this year, 2015.

It’s already February and I know I am late. This is some of the things that I have no control of.

The person that I chose (and some of you requested) to kick off this segment has agreed and I am just waiting for her to submit her answers. She is very busy but I am sure the minute she finishes it she will send it to me right away.

As soon as I have it I will publish it asap.


Last Saturday morning I called Roxanne and asked her what she was doing. She said nothing and I told her let’s go up to Tagaytay and have lunch in Mahogany Market and visit Eric.

We have been wanting to visit Eric for the longest time already but something always come up and we never push through. The last time we saw Eric was during the wake of his sister, Ate Marilou Diaz-Abaya. That was I think 2 years ago.

If you have read my old blog you probably know who Eric is. But for you doesn’t know, Eric Diaz is our gay bestfriend.

The 3 of us Roxanne, Eric and me are very close and we have been bestfriends since the 80’s.

He used to live right next to my house but he has moved to Tagaytay a few years ago and we only see him sporadically from then on.

And we miss him everyday.

Eric bought a big property in Tagaytay and made it home.

Roxanne said call Eric first and make sure that he is there. The last time we planned to visit him he was on his way down to the city.

So, I called Eric and around 11:30am Roxanne and me were on our way to Tagaytay. We brought JSP with us.

Eric met us in 7/11 cause I used TB’s Bodyguard and he didn’t know how to get to Eric’s farm. Joshua is the only one who knows how to get there but he had to attend to something.

When we saw each other the first thing we did was take a selfie.

541619_830777886994358_4182072800310159773_nAfter taking selfie we screamed for 5 minutes, non stop. We were like little girls so happy to see each other.

We went to Mahogany Market and had a feast.

Eric was the one who first introduced us to this place. Mahogany market is the place where beef from Batangas are sold. Across the market there’s a long line of different turo turo kind of restaurants that has become a tourist spot. People go there just to eat bulalo. A lot of people from Manila go up just to eat in Mahogany Market.

It’s so difficult to get a picture of the restaurants cause it’s covered with cars of the customers.


10514592_830864236985723_9076719047309762354_nAcross is the market where they sell the meat.

10968333_830777553661058_3869916987859653556_nThey have all kinds of food made of Batangas beef.

Beef tapa


Bistek tagalog


Beef kaldereta

1782089_830777740327706_8453468473925266606_nThere were just a lot to choose from. They also had fresh seafood.

Fresh shrimps, fresh tawilis, fresh baby crabs.

10297786_830777843661029_3030338851770046338_n 1495442_830777806994366_5955523041876388981_nOf course we have to have the famous bulalo.

Look at this. Look at the beef fat and look how pure the soup is. Love it!


We also had paksiw na pork pata. This is the first time I’ve tried this. It’s soooo good.


Fried baby crabs. You can eat it whole! So fresh. This is sooo good, too.

10425133_830777710327709_199112690878922914_nAnd pata tim. Love this, too! I love everything.


We didn’t talk to each other. We were busy eating. hahahahaha. This is why I love Mahogany market. The trip is worth it.

Our driver parked behind the market were they sell dried fish.

10527732_830777526994394_1286363392705345439_nI wanted to buy but for sure it is going to smell in the car. I ended buying the organic salted egg which I ate for breakfast this morning.

10418354_830761430329337_1372704182722569847_nAfter lunch we went to Eric’s farm. The last time me and Roxanne visited him in his farm was about 4 to 5 years ago when he just relocated there. Claudia and Alexandra (Roxanne’s daughter) came with us.

I was so shocked when I saw the changes of his farm. When I saw his place only then I realized Eric is not coming back to the city anymore. I felt sad and happy at the same time. Sad because I won’t see him as much as I want to. When we were neighbors I would just hop over to his place. And happy because he is happy where he is now.

Since Eric and me live beside each other before I know all his pets. His Boston Terrier Oscar, his English Bulldog Grace, his desert tortoise, his kois, etc.

The first one to greet us was Oscar.

10464208_830777390327741_1303114448029511321_n522085_830386330366847_2917130619525108153_nOscar is old already. He is 13 years old now and has cataract in both his eyes. He also has gray hair. Eric said he is not sick except for the cataract in his eyes and he can’t hear in his right ear. Otherwise he is okay. He still wanted to play fetch.

We were sad to hear that his English bulldog Grace has died of old age.

The second to greet us was his desert tortoise and I was so surprise how big it has grown.

10470581_830773666994780_8056366573266081378_n10922846_830773650328115_4431706623250863787_nHe was just roaming around. So cute.

Eric has new dog, a golden retriever he named Inday. Who greeted Roxanne with kisses.

10289922_830777330327747_5901293297706447634_n10653469_830385403700273_5187530741629053596_nShe was just all over the place. She was a typical golden retriever. Very sweet.

I asked Eric what happened to his kois. Eric had a pond full of kois. He has been collecting kois for a long time. And when he moved he uprooted all his kois and made a new pond in his farm.

Eric told us that one morning he woke up and saw all his kois floating and dead. All of them. It has died due to amoeba infection because of contaminated water. He was so sad when it happened because first he loved his kois and second kois are expensive!

He didn’t want to buy anymore and start collecting again. Instead he turned his pond into a pool.

11081_830773780328102_911362876731921748_n 1794597_830773863661427_1516133390708746582_nHis pool is so nice! It’s heated and it’s not the typical white tiles and blue water. I love it.

Like I said Eric sells all kinds of big plants. Mostly palm tress. He also has dates trees. The next lot is where all his trees are but he has some that is surrounding where his house is.

10329242_830773896994757_1230444001077940913_n 1975095_830777410327739_707331930382382866_n 10888568_830773603661453_7669908297712933859_nEric and one of his dates trees.

10952400_830773713661442_6133831033838371656_nHe also has macadamia nut trees. His friend brought it all the way from Hawaii.

10377348_830773570328123_7245954013879912699_nEric has a lovely home. When he first relocated he built a bahay kubo. When he decided to stay there permanently he built a one room mediterranean house.

The pathway that lead to his house.

13133_830774366994710_2971324496884610142_n 10940432_830774426994704_7884682043583001788_nI love his guest bathroom.

10392581_830774093661404_8830702804829493722_n 10968450_830774063661407_7272203090526598960_n 10947298_830774123661401_4412105906782215316_nThe stairway that lead to his room.

10402798_830774223661391_4249379350527152521_n 10487209_830774503661363_7166560672543904461_nHis kitchen

10954566_830777176994429_2162903124931809698_nSome corners around his house that I love.

1656263_830774243661389_7201511128323908403_n 10402947_830774340328046_8282571258423566601_n 68906_830777210327759_5951538124896036111_n 10464174_830777280327752_5012047204062943451_n 10924707_830774453661368_6405726201260132415_n 10940409_830773620328118_5615248602394436056_n 10953196_830774313661382_815876882461334856_n 10958849_830774396994707_7505336943479261777_nMe and Eric in his veranda.

13700_830774043661409_6177992628154903289_nWe promised him that we will come back soon and stay overnight. He has a beautiful guest house within his property.

By the way, this is the name of his farm.



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