Success Story – Elite Daily. The inside story

I love success stories. Especially this one.

I remember 2 years ago JSP told me ‘my son and 2 of his friends are making a web site’. It will launch soon.

I said: ok.

Everyone is making websites these days. So, it was nothing new to me.

When they launched it he sent me the link and I looked at it. Nice. Typical site for young men.

Little did I know these 3 young men were serious. They took their site seriously and they took it to the top.

With perseverance, sacrifice, hard work and more hard work in less than a year  Elite Daily became the voice of the millennials.

When you start something in New York your chance to make it is 1 in a million. You’ll never make it in New York. Nobody makes it in New York.

Not unless if you’re Ivanka Trump.

Jonathon and 2 of his friends David & Gerard started the website with nothing. They didn’t have any background in running a media company. They were undergraduates of Pace University, New York, wanting to do what they love.

Fast forward: Last Friday night at exactly 11:00pm (manila time) JSP called me and said: “my son did it.” His voice cracked. I knew he had tears in his eyes.

And I started to scream.

At 9:30 am Friday morning (New York Time) Daily Mail announced the acquisition. Daily Mail Acquired Elite Daily

And next best thing is Wall Street Journal announced it as well.

So did Business Insider

Etc., etc., etc.

Everyone went wild.

“With some trial and error, the site began to take off. By the end of 2013, the company generated a $400,000 profit and soared to 41 million monthly readers. As of June, Elite Daily was seeing a healthy mix of direct traffic (18% to 20%), SEO (11%), and social (70%, of which 50% to 55% came from Facebook).” – Business Insider

Done. Signed. Sealed. Delivered.

Elite Daily Staff


The morning of the acquisition David brought some champagne to the office and together with Jonathon and Gerard told their staff the good news.

Pop some bottles. And them some.

Elite Daily staff celebrating the morning of the acquisition.


This is definitely not just another day in the office!

Jonathon, David, Gerard and everyone in the office will remain and will continue what they love doing.

Elite Daily


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