Home sweet home

We nearly didn’t make our 4:30pm flight out of the island last Sunday.

We found out the time of our departure the night before and was told to be in the clubhouse by 11:00am. I left my room around 10:00am and had breakfast and basically just lounge around.

I was able to blog. There is wifi in the clubhouse but I used the personal hotspot of my phone ’cause it was faster. Smart’s signal in the island is so strong. I already know about it ’cause Tina M. already told me they have 2 towers there. True enough my signal was very strong and my internet connection was fast.

We had late lunch. We had lunch past 1pm already. After lunch I lounged some more and waited for our flight. Around 4pm we were told our flight was going to be cancelled. The 2pm flight was delayed and was just boarding. The plane they were using was also the same plane we were suppose to use. But since the 2pm flight was delayed there’s no way it will be able to come back before sunset. Altho’ it is just a 20 minute flight they were not sure if they will be able to get a runway coming back.

So, they gave us a free suite for the night and was told we will fly out of the island first flight at 8am the following morning. Just I was getting settled in my suite and calling our drivers and Nana to let them know our flight got cancelled we received a call from the front desk saying that the plane was able to turn around and we will be able to fly out of the island.

The front desk said that the plane is landing in 9 minutes and we have to hurry up and get to the airport ASAP ’cause there’s little time left for us. We need to fly out before the sunset.

And that’s in less than 10 mins.

It’s a good thing I did not unpack yet. We all hurriedly went to the airport and we all waited in the runway.

I was able to take a video when the plane landed right in front of me.

We flew around 5:50pm and landed in Manila exactly at 6:15pm.

Home sweet home.

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