Food tripping in Balesin

Among all the resorts I have been to, Balesin Island has the best food selection. They don’t only have a wide selection, every restaurant in the island are all good. Beyond par.

For me, at least.

Even their pan de sal is the best.

So, when the sun is hiding and it’s windy and cold the next best thing to do is food trip.

That’s just what I did.

Let’s start with breakfast.

We had breakfast in the clubhouse. Filipino breakfast buffet.

10386364_826434390762041_8711582151632028030_nI had beef tapa, cheese, tomato & mushroom omelette, danggit and garlic rice. And a cup of coffee.

Rice for breakfast? Who does that?

For lunch we made reservations in St. Tropez.

French Cuisine at:

IMG_3998St. Tropez is the French village in the island.

IMG_4003 IMG_4002Very colorful interior. Even the menus are very colorful!

For starters we had the Duck pate’


And for my main course I had the prosciutto and shrimp omelette. I decided to eat light since I had rice for breakfast.

IMG_4007Everything was so yummy! Well presented and very delicious.

This is how the lobby of St. Tropez  look like when you enter.IMG_4017

IMG_4014And here’s the rest of the interior. They wanted you to feel you’re really in St. Tropez!

I love all the colorful plates that they hang on the wall.

IMG_4016 IMG_4015 IMG_4012 IMG_4010The beach front

IMG_3993In the evening we had dinner in Mykonos, the Greek Village in the island.

IMG_4018 IMG_4021 IMG_4020 IMG_4028The beach front in Mykonos

IMG_4026For me the best beach fronts are in Balesin Village (Filipino Village) and here in Mykonos.

We had dinner in Thanassis Taverna. And of course for starter we had the usual sizzling cheese!



We had this shrimps with feta cheese and tomato sauce they called Saragani Shrimps which was so yummy. To say the very least.


For my main course I had the grilled lamb ribs. The meat falls off the bone. This is my favorite here in Mykonos!

10390567_827246467347500_7351029161783907832_nIn Mykonos you feel like you’re in Santorini. That’s how they want you to feel. With the white and blue theme and the nice view plus good Greek food.

Today, I had the usual filipino breakfast. Garlic rice, beef tapa, etc. But for lunch I had this:

10943660_827373697334777_6702836262092895379_nOh. My. Gawd.

Get me out of this island. Please. Now.

The rest of the villages are:

Costa del Sol – The Spanish Village. We had dinner here the day we arrived and I was so happy I got to eat their Paella Negra again. We ordered all the tapas and everything as in everything was delicious.

Bali Village – the Indonesian village

Toscana Village – the Italian village

Phuket Village – Asian Village

Royal Villa – the executive Villa. Patterned by one of the Royal Palaces

Balesin Village – Filipino Village

I always like to stay in Balesin village because it has the best beach front in the entire island. I took a video walking by the shore. Pardon the noise. It was so windy.

One comment

  • Visayan people I think eat rice during breakfast. I inherited this to my Mom and Dad. I dream to go to the Island of Balesin one day. Want to try the Bali Village 🙂

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