The Island Goddess is so back!

Reporting from the island of Balesin! The Goddess is back.


TB’s relatives from Canada and Spain are here in Manila for the holidays and are going back to Toronto and Madrid first week of February. So, we decided to bring them here in Balesin.

When we got to the hangar the place was packed. I was wondering why. Normally, it’s just a handful of people on an ordinary day. Let’s say enough for a 20 seater plane. But this time it was packed. I found out much later there was going to be a wedding this week end.

Great. There goes my relaxing weekend.

I got more stressed when the language spoken in our group was only Spanish. Ang alam kung Spanish eh querico cha cha lang. Sign language ang peg for the rest of my trip.

The 20 seater flight was full.


We finally boarded and while waiting for the clearance from control tower we were beside this:

IMG_3956 IMG_3959Official plane of Team Pacquiao. Wooah!

Before anything else, I already promised my kids I won’t be posting bikini pictures anymore. Vito is no longer talking to me because of my inappropriate postings. Besides my Mom will think again that Mama Mary will cry because of me. Oh, god. Such a heavy pressure.

So, anyway. When we got to the island it was cloudy and drizzling and the reception area was buzzing with guests checking in mostly guests of the wedding that’s going to take place.

My week end is ovah.

I decided to stay in the room the rest of the day. I got so bored I ended up watching TV and eating all the chips.


I’ll take you to a little tour of my room and my first day basically.

IMG_3965The make up that I brought with me.

– Laura Mercier Eye shadow stick

– Ètude House BB cream

– Laura Mercier eyebrow gel liner

– The Balm eyebrow brush

– L’Oreal lip gloss

–  Ètude House cream blusher

– Ètude House facial sunscreen

– MAC brown eyeliner

– Koji eyelash curler

– Ètude House Mascara

I love the robes. I want to steal them.

IMG_3987Aside from the indoor shower we have the outdoor shower.

IMG_3985IMG_3981The Body wash is my favorite!

This time I stayed away from the coffee machine. LOL!

IMG_3979My favorite spot in the veranda. This is facing the beach. And some favorite random photos.

IMG_3976IMG_3975IMG_3974IMG_3970IMG_3988Am I boring you? hahahahaha. Sorry to disappoint you but let’s stick to the promise. I love my kids enough not to embarrass them anymore.

Posting soon the second day


  • pwede bang picture mo na lang na naka pajama? while walking along the shore? (joke lang madame…)

  • Hi Miss Tina. May I ask what color of Etude House BB cream are you using? Thank you and awaiting for your response. Enjoy your day.

    • Hi, Cathy! The one I brought was Ètude House Total Age Repair BB cream. I like this cos it’s full coverage and I don’t need to use foundation anymore.

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