La Cabrera & Tarte Make up brushes made my day

2 things today.


Had a very lovely lunch in La Cabrera Manila. I always enjoy my meals there. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in 2014. I dined there most of last year. If any of my friends abroad ask me what’s the latest good restaurant in Manila I always say La Cabrera. Without batting an eyelash.

And if ever I have guests from abroad I always bring them there. I know it’s a place where I can be proud of.

One such time is today. The CEO of Incubix Technologies just arrived from New York last night and the first place I thought of was La Cabrera.

We had my favorite bread to start. I love their bread it’s yummy and they serve it hot. It comes in this clay pot that keeps it warm longer. Sometimes I finish their bread and I ended up having no room for the main course.


Then we had my favorite cheese, the provoleta.


This and the bread is a meal on its own already. You really need to space it and go easy on the bread. Otherwise you’ll miss the juiciness of the Ojo de Bife and all it’s sidings.

10947336_825408740864606_8152037295025096343_nThey let you choose from a lot of sidings and these are the sidings we chose.

10338861_825408664197947_6396791657616221706_nBut what I like the most is their steak sauce which is made of pureed corn, red bell pepper and provoleta cheese.

10941840_825408714197942_2004705239843012985_nThere are some people, like me, who cannot eat without rice. I always like eating my steak with rice. Their steak rice is so yummy!

10306739_825408650864615_4655801354688678017_nAnd to top it all, the handsome owner never miss to greet me every time I’m there.

Carlo Calma Lorenzana, the owner of La Cabrera Manila, is always on hand.

10402985_825408614197952_7824393938439878707_nHe sent us this dish that is not in their menu. On the house. And oh. my. god. It made my day. It was so yummy. I never tasted anything like this in my life.

Chicharones. Beef fat made into chicharon. DEADLY.

10897753_825408777531269_1092621967990851416_nThanks Carlo!


I got my goodies today!

My Tarte make up brushes.

IMG_3951 IMG_3952– Bamboo domed blush brush

– Bamboo concealer brush

– Bamboo double ended brow brush

– Bamboo cream blush and contour brush

– Bamboo retoucher foundation brush

– Concealer blending sponge trio

– Brow/hair powder de brush

– Tinted press powder brush

– Clay pot eyeliner brush

My life is now complete.

And my Sephora items.

IMG_3953 IMG_3954

– Nars Audacious Charlotte

– Nars Audacious Olivia

– Smashbox step by step contour kit

I have wanted to complete my Tarte make up brushes ever since I bought their Bamboo foundation buffer brush. I was toying between these brushes or the new Real Techniques Bold metal collection.

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 5I know Real Technique make up brushes are good. I have the original Real techniques brushes.

But in the end I decided to get the Tarte. And I am glad I did. Maybe soon I’ll also get these new brushes of Real Technique.

And finally JSP found my Smashbox Contour Kit that I have been looking for ever since mid last year. It’s always out of stock.

I wanted  the Anastacia Contour kit at first, even that is hard to find. But when my favorite Youtube Make up guru Hayley said that Smashbox contour kit is good, I looked for it everywhere. It’s also always out of stock. I can’t believe that finally Smashbox Contour Kit is actually in my hands now.

My friend ‘vee found me 2 of the 6 Nars Audacious shade I love. Charlotte and Oliva. That made my day, too!

What a day!

And tomorrow I’m off to Balesin. I promise I won’t flood your feed on facebook and Instagram! hahahaha.

Vinny, Franny, Claudia & Jean will be in Singapore to watch Laneway music festival.

Next time you hear from me I will be in the island already.

Peace out.


  • the meal looks so yummy!!!

    i finally caved in and got 4 nars audacious lipsticks. go big or go home, right? LOL.

    i got anna, anita, fanny and julie – and theyre all very neutral. three of them are rosy pink browns and one is coral-ish. 🙂

    I LOVE THEM – they really are opaque in one swipe! 🙂

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