Beauty Haul – Ètude House

Last November if you remember (it rhymed! hahaha) I did a Korean beauty products haul. If you did not get to read it, you can read it here: Beauty haul Korean cosmetics.

There were some products that I have tried and liked. The ones that I liked are the ones from Etude House and Tony Moly. I bought these from Watson’s.

In Tony Moly all the facial masks that I got were all good. And I am still using them until now. I also loved their blushers and their lip pencils. For skin care I loved their Intense Care Snail Foam Facial cleanser and their Rice Smooth Facial Toner which I am still also using.

Etude House in Watson’s is not complete, they only have few products available. I picked up some of their lipsticks and their lip pencils which I love. I also love their BB creams.

A few weeks ago I went to Glorietta, the one across Landmark, I think that’s Glorietta 4 or 5. I am not sure.

After I got off the escalator on the right side this is what I saw:

10906393_822230854515728_201154303912585039_nI freaked out.

Etude House has a shop. They have a shop here in Manila all these time and I didn’t know. I began to hyperventilate.

The minute I walked in the 2 sales assistants greeted me: “Hi, Princess!” This is how they greet all their customers that walks in. They treat all their customers like Princesses. The packaging of their products and the interior of their store is like a room of a Princess. Or that’s how they want you to feel.

I had a hard time choosing which ones to get. You get confused by the colors of their products. It’s so K-pop! From the lipsticks to the blushers to the eye shadows. All were in pop colors.

1012976_822231564515657_1382155007548124759_n 10610705_822232034515610_7329516204764015404_n 10915273_822231857848961_2129782694890920775_n 10917345_822231627848984_4812164051256304796_n 10933835_822231204515693_2216922073678247717_n Their skin care section was so nice. I wanted to try everything.

10339667_822232007848946_1801444384447859719_nI got carried away and I bought a few new products. Okay, not a few.  I bought a lot.

10930931_822232151182265_724406371555672903_n10410937_822232134515600_671464872145007059_nI hate accidental purchases. It derails me.

I got home with all theses bags.

CollageLet’s get on with the haul.

Let’s start with the lipsticks since I got a lot. I was kinda frustrated with their color selections. I am not really into pop colors. If ever I do wear a bold lipstick it’s usually dark bold color. Not the bold bright color. And that’s what Etude House had. Bold bright colors.

I don’t know how I’ll wear this colors but I’ll try.

Dear My Blooming lipsticks. Left to right: RD 306, BE 107, BE 106,  RD 302

Collage 5Color Lips-Fit in BE 101. The color selection of this product is just as wild. Bright orange, bright pink, bright red. I chose the tamest color. I like this one it dries matte which I love.

Collage 6Dear My Milky Gloss. This came in 2 shades only. Orange and this lavender that I picked up. I can handle this color.

Collage 8Rose Tint Lips. These come in 6 shades and I also chose the “milder” shades. This particular product doesn’t have shade name.

Collage 9Play 101 Pencil. I already have 3 shades of these lip pencils that I bought in Watson’s and I really love it. So I picked up a few more.

The nude shades that I like in 28, 32, & 33

Collage 12The berry/plum/red shades that I like in 22, 23, & 30

Collage 11The only blush that I got is this cream blush called Water Color Blusher. I got the shade No. 2 Coral and No. 3 Apricot. I know I will like these. It is so creamy and very light. It blends well on the skin.

Collage 7I am very excited with the highlighters that I picked up. I love Highlighters and Bronzers.

This one intrigued me. It comes in in 2 shades only and it comes in 2 forms. The bottom part is liquid and the one on top is cream. I got both shades.

Golden Ratio Face Glam in #01 Gold and #2 Pink. I can’t wait to try this!

Collage 4Face Designing Brightener. This one comes in 2 shades. I picked up this one called Goddess Face.

IMG_3852I also picked up their Bronzer. Face Color Corset in #5 Tight Shading Corset. This come in a lot of shades. This one is the darkest shade. And this is matte.

Collage 2I picked up 2 of their Mascaras and a base. They had all kinds of Mascaras. Volumizing, lengthening, etc.

The 2 Mascaras that I picked up are: Lash & Perm 3 Step Volumecara and Lash & Perm All Shockcara. This one is called Shockcara because it is Volume shocking, Curling shocking, Longlash shocking and Water block shocking. Whatever that means. I guess in short this is for volume & lengthening and it also curls and it is water proof. And then you’ll get shock . hahahaha. Let’s see. I can’t wait to try this one.

The third wand that I got (the white one) is for base called Oh! My Eye Lash Base.

*I wonder who they hired to translate the names of their products.

IMG_3897I picked up 3 shades of their eye shadows. It is so creamy, buttery, very pigmented and blends well.

I am sure I will like these. It came also in pop colors and these 3 are the ones I like. The shades are (left to right): PP503, BR403 and OR204

Collage 10I also picked up their new cream foundation. This come in a lot of shades. I picked up the shade Sand.

Stay Up Foundation. It has SPF 30, it is anti-wrinkle and it is brightening. I am also excited to use this.

IMG_3871I picked up their facial primer called Baby Choux Base in the shade Peach Choux. The sale assistant said this is similar to their CC cream.

IMG_3883These 2 products called Precious Mineral Magic Cushion and Precious Mineral Cushion are very popular in Korea now. Other brands also have this cushion type.  It is like powder but in liquid form that comes out in a sponge and when you apply it gives you that dewy look that all Korean love. You can apply it using your fingers or you can use the sponge that comes with it.

I got 2 shades. Magic Peach and Honey Beige W24.

Collage 3For Skin Care I picked up a few products.

I picked up 2 jars of their cleansing creams. I have already tried Etude House’ cleansing creams and I really like it. They have all kinds of cleansing creams and all are organic which I love.

These are the 2 cleansing creams that I want to try. Happy Tea Time in Lemon Tea and Milk Tea. I am sure I will like these cause Etude House is known for their cleansing creams.

IMG_3891This gel is also very intriguing. It’s called Sparkling TOC!S all in one gel. This is a 7 day clarifying gel that enhances your skin’s natural transparent glow. This is made of sparkling water and lemon extract.

IMG_3895Skin (mal:gem) a moisturizer and toner. The packaging looks so clean and fresh. I can’t wait to try these. too.

IMG_3885This morning when I was having breakfast I watched Lisa Eldridge channel in Youtube. She has a new video that she just uploaded. And I was so happy cause she also love Korean beauty products. She recently went to Korea and she said she wiped out all their shelves! Watch her video cause she explained the “cushion” very well.

So. It’s just another haul.

I went to the Dentist this morning and it was kinda chilly. So, I had a reason to wear my blanket scarf! I love it.

IMG_7969 IMG_7971 IMG_7976 IMG_7978 IMG_7982 IMG_7984 IMG_7985 IMG_7986 IMG_7987 IMG_7988 IMG_7989 IMG_7991



Top: Zara  |  Chino pants: Uniqlo  |  Ballet Flats: Zara  |  Bag: Givenchy  |  Sunglasses: Tom Ford  |  Watch: Cartier  |  Hermes Leather bracelet


  • The Etude House 20%-off sale last December was intense temptation for me. I just walked away with 3 of those Play 101 Pencils (only for the eyes as I’m not that adventurous) and one lipstick. I had to stop myself from getting Sparkling TOC!S gel even though it was the one that I also found so intriguing. Smells like Sprite! But I still have several moisturizers I feel guilty of not finishing up first, so no muna.

    Ms. T, please review the pencils and highlighters first. I want to know if their lip pencils are good. 🙂

    • Okay. I will. I can’t wait to use it! But the pencils are really good. I have 3 shades that I have been using na. Someone even stop me randomly and ask what lipstick I used.

  • You give a new definition to the word haul! 🙂 it would have been a marvel witnessing it hahaha…looking forward to your product reviews 🙂

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