An afternoon with my good friend Roxanne

After watching on ANC the mass officiated by Pope Francis in Manila Cathedral I met up with my good friend Roxanne for lunch. The last time I saw her was before Christmas and so it was time to catch up. She chopped off her hair to shoulder length bob and I wanted to see it.

We had lunch in Nanten Japanese Restaurant at the Manila Polo Club and had our favorite salmon sashimi. What’s missing in this scene is our gay best friend Eric Diaz. The three of us used to hang out together a lot back it the day in Polo Club and stuffed ourselves with salmon sashimi. Roxanne and me realized how much we missed Eric.

After lunch Roxanne accompanied me in Smart, Power Plant mall branch in Rockwell. I had my Smart bro pocket wifi fixed. When we got there I took a number and there were 7 people ahead of me. So, we decided to go down on the second floor and checked the shops while waiting for my number. Topshop was on sale and so with Uniqlo. I love the chinos in Uniqlo! I picked up 2 colors. Khaki and baby pink.

A big shout out to Marissa Manahan who said hi to me! Thanks Marissa. It was really nice to meet you. I really love it when my readers come up and say hi. I get to see in person who my readers are. You’re no longer a thumbnail. Which is really great.

When we went back to Smart we didn’t have to wait anymore. I forgot that I am an Infinity member and that means I get priority.

Roxanne hang out in my house the rest of the day and finally she met Schumi, who went ballistic. He always go crazy when he sees someone new.

I love days like this. Hanging out with a good friend. I always enjoy my time with Roxanne. She’s family to me. I have known her for more than 25 years already.

She’s one of the people who I trust my life with.

IMG_3812 IMG_3813 IMG_3815 IMG_3819 IMG_3822 IMG_3825IMG_3824IMG_3823   IMG_3826


Top: Forever 21  |  Skirt: Zara  |  Bag: Celine  |  Mules: Carbon  |  Sunglasses: D&G  |  Watch: Cartier  |  Willow Jewelry Southsea Pearl Earrings  |  Willow Jewelry Necklace  |  Willow Jewelry Double ended pearl bangle


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