The pain of a Mother

Today is my Mom’s birthday. I called her early this morning and greeted her. And today Vito is going back to school in University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

After talking to my Mom I quickly started my day. Vito’s flight was at 3:00pm and he hasn’t even pack yet. He went out last night with his friends and came home late. I didn’t want to wake him up early so I took a shower first after having breakfast.

He woke up past 9am while I was already getting ready. Then we started packing. We needed to pack 2 luggages. Last night Rhea (laundry girl) already fix the clothes that he needed to bring with him so all we have to do really is put it inside his luggages.

10917845_817071248365022_188912631663859104_nRhea and me already have a system when it comes to packing. We finished packing the 2 luggages in less than 30 mins.

10923328_817071191698361_9128129331387971026_nI can’t imagine what winter is like. Vito’s jackets are all thick and heavy. It must be so difficult to switch from sunny weather to snowy weather.

He actually didn’t want to go back yet. We go through this emotions every time he leaves. Of course if I were to decide I rather want him to stay. I told him why don’t you just study here but he said, “no, Mom I won’t settle. I need to do this”

It must be hard also for him since all of his close friends are all studying abroad.

We had lunch first before bringing him to the airport.

10552616_817071118365035_840796303489466314_n 10898222_817071148365032_3596734502025884196_nOn our way to the airport we got caught in the traffic somewhere in Resorts World. There’s a big construction going on in the rotunda.

We barely made it on time.

Everything sunk in when I received his text.


I was holding back my tears until I got home. The pain of a Mother.

IMG_3548 IMG_3549 IMG_3572Collage 3IMG_3551IMG_3552CollageIMG_3564IMG_3568IMG_3569Outfit

Top: H&M  |  Black Pants: Zara  |  Shoes: Steve Madden  |  Bag: Chanel  |  Sunglasses: Versace  |  Watch: Marc Jacobs  |  Willow Jewelry gold ball earrings  |  Willow Jewelry Hamas ring


  • Hi Tina,

    I also studied overseas. As a student, it was hard to be away and live in a new place. Looking back, I think it was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I went “out of the box” and all that. In the beginning, I cry every time I see my phone ringing (wala pang answer ha) and see that it was my mom or dad. We also had the same feelings every time we were in NAIA departure hall.

    • Hi, Jing!

      Vito is already junior in college and it’s still very difficult every time he goes back after his vacation. And the airport scene, yikes! It always ripped my heart. 😦

  • I’m sure you are proud Ms. Tina that he is going out making an effort for his future, when he could just take the easy road by staying in Manila. It says a lot about your parenting. We have relatives who are barely over the poverty line. And yet despite the obvious necessity to do better would rather go with their barkadas constantly relying on handouts instead of concentrating on their schooling provided free with allowance thrown in. (p.s. i promise im not stalkerish LOL commenting first. I’ve been reading your blog entries catching up on your posts since my december break)

    • I’m very proud of my kids. Inspite of who they are and what they have they never took their studies for granted. Their studies has always been their priority.

      Thanks for reading my blog! Happy new year!

  • Ayaw hilak Tin-he loves you! You should just be proud that he wants to do this! He is hurting too oy! You are a good mama!

  • Miss T, how did you make your kids prioritize their studies? It’s hard for me to keep my 6 year old interested even in Kumon worksheets. He is speech delayed but we try to provide him with all the necessary help he needs. He is good in math though but reading is something we really look forward to keep him also interested in. Any tips, please?

    • Their Chinese education foundation I think helped a lot. My kids went to a Chinese school part of their grade school years. And the school was very strict.

      Vinny being the eldest and the smartest sort of always compete with the 2 younger ones. So, they always strived to do their best.

      I don’t know if this helped but ever since my kids were 5 years old they had piano and guitar lessons up to high school. This is the Japanese education system. Japanese believed a child who knows how to play a musical instrument will eventually be good in Math and reading comprehension.

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