Lasik Surgery

One day Vinny came home from the office and told me: “I want to have lasik done.” I talked him out of it ’cause personally I don’t believe in this procedure. You might have a 20/20 vision after the surgery but I don’t think it’s going to stay like that forever.

But Vinny insisted and he seems very adamant about it. So, I accompanied him to Asian Eye Institute in Rockwell middle of last month. He talked to the Doctor and was given a test if he was qualified to have a surgery. He passed the test and his surgery was scheduled after the holidays, 8:30 am on January 6, 2015.

We left the house this morning at 7am. He was told to go to the clinic an hour before his scheduled time. We got to Asian Eye Institute on time.

It was so early that the people in the receiving area was just a guard and a male receptionist. He was told to check in.

10613161_815791398493007_277796255776203688_n1521614_815791305159683_8502496026265823907_nAfter checking in we were told to wait.

We waited for a couple of minutes and he was brought to the operating room area to be prep for his surgery. While I was told to wait up to a certain area only.

10888365_815790928493054_2800606008934345747_nSo, I sat there waiting nervously. I was nervous because it is a very delicate procedure on a very delicate part of the human body. It’s the eyes, for goodness sake.

I have thought about doing Lasik before. But I couldn’t bring myself to undergo such procedure. I think I will just wear glasses and contact lens. After all I have been doing this since I was in second year high school.

The Doctor told us that the entire surgery is just 10 minutes. Tops.

When it hit 15 minutes and Vinny wasn’t out yet I called the nurse. She said the surgery is still going on. The more I got nervous. 30 minutes has passed and Vinny was still inside. I called the nurse again and she told me it’s finished and the Doctor is still talking to Vinny and giving him instructions.

When Vinny finally came out he looked like this:ย 10408661_815789901826490_1680934815196989998_nHis eyes were so red. He has to wear this eye glasses for a week and even when he’s asleep to keep him from rubbing his eyes.

I asked him what it feels like he said he doesn’t feel any pain but his vision is blurred.

A male nurse gave him last minute instructions.

– he can’t wet his eyes for a week

– not allowed to work out

– no swimming. Pool or beach

– not allowed to squint eyes

– avoid rubbing eyes

The nurse said that his vision will be blurred the whole day today and he will get his vision back by tomorrow. For the meantime he was given 3 kinds of eye drops every hour for 2 days.

10915181_815790635159750_1097897509062550743_nOn our way home he told me why the surgery took more than 10 minutes. He said the Doctor was having a hard time on his left eye. Apparently his left eye is deep.

He was awake the whole time and could see what the doctor was doing to him. ย In the middle of the surgery he could smell something that is being burned. Aside from that he said everything went smoothly.

He is very excited now that he won’t have to wear glasses anymore. He has been wearing glasses since he was in grade 1 and he is kinda tired of it already.

But I still think he looks better with his glasses on.


  • Hello Kafatid my husband had it for almost 17 years and still enjoying the vision that he got back from doing the lasik. Don’t you worry Vinny will so enjoy it too. God Bless u both!

  • May I know how much the procedure was? I’m considering it too. And who was the doctor? Thanks!

  • Tina, Jeroen and I had this done in 2004. Ten years later my eyes are still good and I only need reading glasses occasionally. Life changing!

  • I had it for 3yrs ago but my left eye which is my dominant eye went from 20 to 60 . Good thing I availed of the lifetime warranty so I had it redone 3 months ago. Now its back to 20 again and the doctor said only a few percentage will recede again after the second surgery. Fingers crossed.

    • Yes Vinny’s Doctor said that there are chances it will recede. If it does they can do it again for free but it will depend on your retina if it’s thick enough to undergo another surgery.
      Yes, fingers cross for you Bea!
      Happy new year!

  • Hi Ms. Tina! I had my LASIK in 2006, sa American Eye with Dr. J. Arroyo. Mine was a monovision procedure. I don’t want to wear reading glasses ( work related )
    My current vision;
    left eye – near vision
    my right eye – distance vision
    Last April 2014, I had a check up with Dr. A. Tan , so far so good daw.
    Your sonny Vinny can still wear non-Rx eye glasses, for added pampa gwapo nya. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi, bes9YS! Happy new year!
      Vinny is still adjusting to his “new” eyes. Actually, this is just the second day and he hasn’t gotten his full vision back yet.
      Hopefully, things will be okay!

  • Hi Tina,

    I had my cold wave lasik done 8 years ago, the clinic used to be the one beside don bosco makati then they moved to the Fort. I have no regrets because it is literally life changing, my vision is 15/20

    • Wow, you’re the third person who told me it’s life changing! I might really just do it na rin!

      Thanks for your input!

      Happy new year!

  • Vinny is so pogi, Miss T. Glad that you shared this, as I’ve been thinking real hard of having Lasik done this year too (but scared!!!) – hope that I’ll have enough courage to really do it! hold hands tayo. Haha! Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks! Everybody is saying it’s life changing. It must be! So, I guess we have to do it! Hahahahahah

      Happy new year to you, too!

  • Hi Miss Tina, Lasik is the best. I have Lasik procedure when i was 25 yrs old (8 yrs ago), and my vision is still good. If you are scared of eye surgery like me, i would suggest you will take Dormicum tablet (for sedation). i am awake the whole eye procedure but sedated, hehe๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Hi Miss T!

    My dad did this too more than 10 years ago (American Eye in Shang) and up to now, his vision is fairly good. He used to have 550 both eyes and wore the thick aviator-like glasses that weighs like a ton! It feels like wearing a magnifying glass for more than 12 hours a day. Life changing daw talaga! but lately he is starting to wear reading glasses at night especially when he reads.

    Lasik is the way to go! =)

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