Closing Credits – 2014

2014 had it’s ups and it’s lows for me, but more on the ups.

*I met very nice people

*I had Vinny back home early this year

*I launched just because tees

*we got Schumi this year

* my love life is greater than ever (hahaha)

* Willow Jewelry is doing good

*Vito & Claudia are both doing good in school and that gets them closer to their dreams

*Claudia joined the Iron Man Triathlon for the first time and came in 4th in her age group

*I became a contributor to our village monthly magazine, Dasmariñas Village Gazette and that made me officially “media”

*I went to Hawaii early this year and met Bruno Mars up close and personal and got a kiss from him

etc., etc., etc.


My goals for 2015

*revamp and improve content of my blog

*get more orders for Willow Jewelry & just because tees

*get mamogram and complete physical check up


downoad-new-year-imagesI wish everyone a happy New year.

All the best,




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