Rag doll Breed cat, Chasey

I have always been a dog person. But we take care of stray cats that comes to our house, our houseboy feeds them.

Yesterday when Tina M. invited us to lunch in their house it made me change my mind about cats.

Tina M. greeted me with her carrying Chasey, her Rag doll breed cat.

1621991_810215909050556_5235553142316381569_nHe was just the cutest!

I flipped out. First, he was so fluffy and soft. Second, he smell so good!

Chasey had a small couch in the middle of their living room. He just sits in his small “couch.”  Chilling.

1375972_810215945717219_1499954105700116511_n 10882345_810215965717217_4391001118490280341_nThere was something about Chasey. He makes me feel calm when I looked at him. He is so serene and so relax. I guess most cats are like that.

Our dogs are all so hyper and noisy and most of the time we’re screaming.

Maybe I should get a cat.

We had such a lovely lunch at Tina M.’s. She prepared such yummy food! But the food that she was so proud of was this cake. It was her hubby Rex’s favorite.

10897821_810216079050539_3760086108842129323_nAnd by the way, Rex looks like John Pratts while Tina M. looks like Camille Pratts.

1535001_810215922383888_6793792464677473247_nThey’re one of the nicest couple I know. They’re my favorite people in 2014.

Thank’s for the lovely lunch Tina and Rex.


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