A better and greater 2015

3 days left of 2014. I am quite excited for 2015 because I have a lot of things planned.

I am going to revamp my blog. Look wise and content. Especially content. I am going to put more work when I blog like take some beautiful and quality photos. I’ll talk about beauty products, outfits, family, lifestyle and of course my Willow Jewelry and just because tees.

I will post my monthly favorites. Beauty products and non beauty products and I will continue to do hauls.

I won’t promise but I will try to do a video make up tutorial. I am still studying how to take videos and learning how to edit. I have all the equipments I just don’t know how to use them yet.

There’s so many things I want to do here in my blog and I’m so excited about it!

I will also revamp my online store as well. A lot of my customers are complaining of how difficult it is to navigate my site. I promise to work on that. Actually that’s the #1 in my list. So, expect a beautiful and more professional site for Willow Jewelry and just because tees.

I will come up with a lot of new designs both in Willow Jewelry and just because tees. I will also be opening a paypal account so it will easier for my customers abroad.

I’m so excited with all the changes I am going to make.

2015 will be greater and better for me and I can’t wait.

Giving our Nikon D200 another chance today. I still can’t figure out what’s wrong with this camera. Photos are still coming out blurred and not sharp.

ADR_0002 ADR_0014 ADR_0018 ADR_0020


Top: H&M  |  Chino shorts: Uniqlo  |  Sneakers: Superga  |  Bag: Celine  |  Watch: Rolex  |  Sunglasses: Rayban Clubmaster


  • Ms Tina find a professional photographer who can teach you how to operate your camera. When I bought my canon dslr, I was given a 1-on-1 lesson. If there is something wrong with your camera they will tell you so. I learnt a lot from my photographer. best wishes for the new year.

    • actually I don’t have problems with my canon. I have been using my canon for a long time already. The nikon I don’t understand! hahahahhaha!

      Yes, I might ask a professionsl photgrapher or bring it to their service center.

      Thanks! Happy new year to you, too!

  • – what lens are you using with it?
    – what mode are you in? P, A, S or M? You will see this on the right panel by the switch.
    – there are 3 settings for focusing M, S and C. it’s that tiny control switch on the bottom left in by the lens. Try starting with M when you focus and manually twist the lens. Then progress to S or C, hands off lens na.

    i have just retired my nikon D200 and use it as back up camera for a current model. it served me well for the type of photography that i do (portrait photography) and i always set it to manual mode. I doubt your’s is faulty because mine has been a workhorse- dropped it many times, the rubber casing falling apart because of wear and tear, the body gets bashed around when i carry it around my neck.

    when you figure out how to use it, you will scoff at the quality of point of shoots. It does slow you down when you work with because it will make you think and fuss around on details to come up with beautiful images.

    Here’s a Ben Long Lynda tutorial on D800 basics which is still relevant to the D200 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-kWYvuLmqM

    • Hi, Ruby Woo!

      Thanks for responding to my dilema!

      The lens I am using now is 18-135mm.

      The mode is P

      My camera is set on M.

      I have been using my Canon mark 11 5D for the longest time and I don’t have any problems. I decided to use our Nikon D200 cos no one is using it and we’ve had it for awhile na.

      I am having a hard time switching from Canon to Nikon. They always say just put it on auto. I have been using M and it always come out blurred and not sharp. Is it because of the lens I’m using?

      I will try to use it tomorrow on S and I will let you know what happens.

      Today I took some photos using M but the photos are not as sharp and most of the photos that we took were blurred.

      Thanks for sending me the link and for taking time out to help me. I really appreciate it!


      • Ok, last hirit… what’s your ISO setting? is it above 400? The image seems grainy. But I don’t understand why it’s not focusing.

        Your lens is fine. And yes, the D200 is ancient and I still have separation anxiety : )

        Happy New Year!

  • D200 IS0 range is from 100-1600. You use 100 if light is bright and subject is not moving. Typically 200 default is okay. 400 and above are for dark situations and fast moving objects. The more you bump up your ISO the grainer the picture gets. If you have it set to Auto I can’t imagine it would jump beyond 600 ISO given that your OOTD were taken with daylight.

    A second hand D200 costs only $150-$200 nowadays. It’s a shame to take it to a service center and pay more for its current value. Your lens is worth more than the camera.

    I can’t speak for the Canon at all because I have already accumulated Nikon lenses and had invested time reading boring manuals — http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/d200/users-guide/.

    If you have friends with Nikon bodies, try to swap lenses. This might help narrow the problem.

    • Thank you for your input.

      Are you saying that I should change the lens I’m using?What kind of lens do you suggest should I use?

      Thanks. It’s a great help!

  • Oh no… first, just rule out where is the problem, try to borrow other Nikon lenses and use it on your camera for testing or test your lens in other camera bodies. Most Nikon lenses are compatible with older models.

    Here, I posted some sample unedited images with a 7 yr old D200 (with 50 mm lens) in night light, low light indoor and action situations. They are sharp and can’t hide any pores or sweat. https://twitter.com/ladykillington

    Or if you are daring to tinker further, try resetting to baseline. https://support.nikonusa.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/17395/~/how-to-reset-a-d-slr-to-factory-default-settings

      • If it’s blurry, your shutter speed is too slow. Try to set it around 1/125 then adjust your ISO 400-1600. Make sure you have enough light inside the house too Ms Tina 🙂 Don’t be in a dark place because if you use ISO too much your photos will turn out grainy. 🙂

  • More Vito/Vinny/Claudia stories please! Whenever I read them, I can’t wait for my son to grow up. Plus more outfit posts please. =)

  • Hi Ms Tina, If you set it to auto mode , are the pictures clearer/sharper? if not , maybe you could look into the eyepiece, point the camera in a bright area but with colored background, if you see some cloudy patterns then the blurring is caused by that.. Its a lens fungus which normally happens if you don’t store the camera and lens in a dry box (due to humidity here in Phils). If that is the case, you need to send it to the service center and have it repaired

    happy new year!!!

    • Hi, Cielo!

      That’s my last choice actually. My friend told me to have the lens check. I have been busy the past days and been sick so I didn’t have the chance yet.

      It gets blurred if we try to zoom in and if not blurred the pictures don’t come out sharp.

      I am so used to our canon mark 11 5D which is a very good camera.

      Thanks! I’ll let you know what happens. Happy new year!

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