Christmas 2014

Before anything else, I would like to greet everyone a Merry Christmas.

We celebrated Christmas at home. Simple, happy and peaceful. I hope yours was, too.

On the eve of Christmas the kids went to their cousins house (one street away from ours) and had dinner there. While they were in their cousins house I had a little time to rest. I was basically out of the house the whole afternoon.

When the kids got home they were chilling in my room waiting for midnight so they can open their gifts. At first we planned to go to the 10:00pm mass in Sanctuario de San Antonio but decided to cancel last minute cause they came home late and for sure the church was full already and we will end up standing outside.

While waiting for midnight we were just nibbling and telling stories. The boys were feeling warm and went down with no shirts on.

10805640_806748819397265_5864016578701541054_n 10885469_806748616063952_7164004626437033600_n 10885545_806748759397271_5628908654668656865_nI prepared all kinds of cheeses, some ham, pancetta, prosciutto, wheat crackers, fruits and foie gras, etc. They were so full from their dinner so I just prepared something light

10888956_806749219397225_2769499336326394978_n 10882138_806749579397189_1157197203032057372_n 10881704_806749142730566_8972118511493580383_n

Claudia could hardly wait for midnight and she kept on going around the tree, checking her gifts and peeping and sneaking.

10276000_806747886064025_7396430198014436879_n 10848055_806748032730677_192460055604384669_n 10858615_806747959397351_1621653388556318016_n

When the time came, they became kids again. They were so excited to open their gifts. I was just looking at them smiling and trying to take pictures secretly.

Before midnight Claudia already segregated their gifts. She put each their gifts in one corner. So they knew already what to open.

10402721_806747386064075_3014574331877721598_nVinny liked the t shirt in one of his gifts and wore it right away.

10644509_806747476064066_900151965043980750_n“Live From New York, it’s Saturday Night Live.” One of his favorite shows.

He also liked the gift that Claudia gave him. These printed socks. It’s so cute! So hip.


Vito loved the gifts that I gave him. I got him a denim shirt (he’s into denim shirts now).

10256420_806747262730754_7411756520671929076_nAnd he also loved the jersey shirt

10868033_806746102730870_1588842665887494642_nClaudia loved the gift that Vinny gave her. A recipe book by Dominique Ansel. The guy who started the cronuts.

10167957_806746062730874_6579182360268356103_nThere were some gifts that they couldn’t understand. Like this one that Claudia got. When she opened it she looked so sad and told me: “I want to cry. Someone gave me a mirror.”

10402388_806747422730738_8275366185188564297_nI told her it’s not mirror. It’s a tray. “Put that in your bathroom so you can put your perfumes or your trinkets there.” She started to laugh and she loved it in the end.

Vito came to me and said: “Mom, can you make me understand what this is. Is this suppose to be art? Am I suppose to appreciate this?”


Vinny also had a funny gift.

16448_806747456064068_7792972640615772413_nSomeone gave him a note pad. With his name misspelled.

All the gifts that I got were all nice. I like them all. But some stood out. Like this cards with envelopes that Chuvaness gave me.

10882219_806745806064233_3789463530340240251_nRobert Downey Jr. We are both in love with RDJ.

The book that Vinny gave me.

10570522_806747542730726_7574148308171188867_nWhile we were busy opening our gifts, Andy was doing his own thing also.


He wouldn’t let go of the wrapper. While Rocko couldn’t be bothered. He slept thru the whole thing.


After I took a shower, I found this scene on my bed.

10802059_806745759397571_2923386676311868636_nI had to find a space where to put myself. hahahahaha.

All of us received a text early the following Christmas morning.


IMG_7686 IMG_7688 IMG_7689 IMG_7691 IMG_7692 IMG_7693 IMG_7694 IMG_7696I hope you all had a merry christmas with your love ones.






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