How to wear dark lipstick – And look good!

It’s Christmas week and it’s time to put on your dark red lipstick.

But first watch this video from the expert, my favorite beauty guru Lisa Eldridge, so you will get it right.

I have been donning dark red, plummy lipsticks myself for the past few days. And I am loving it.

IMG_7343 IMG_7370 IMG_7620IMG_7626

My Favorite dark red/plummy lipsticks that I am using currently are:

Left to right: NARS Audacious Jeanne | NARS Audacious Bette | NARS Audacious Liv | Chanel Rouge Allure 109 Rouge Noir

I use also lip liners as lipstick and it is just as good:

From top to bottom: MAC Pro Long wear Lip Pencil in Bespoken For | Chanel Precision Lip Definer in Amarante | MAC Lip Pencil in Brick | Tony Moly Auto Lip Liner in 03

The other dark lipsticks that I love also:

Left to right: Flormar Twist up Lipstick in Mauve | Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 04 | Sephora Cream Lips Stain in 01 | NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Monte Carlo

Enjoy your holidays and the darker your lips the better!


  • Tina, almost all my lipsticks are on the darker side of the spectrum. I highly recommend NARS’s matte velvet lip pencil in Damned and Train Bleu (Damned if you’re just vampy, Train Bleu if you’re nasty). They are an extra mood boost! 😀 It’s been quite some time before I went back here to read up on your posts… but have you thought of going purple? It is amazing. 😀

    • Hi Aya!

      First time I wore purple was when I was in college! Mary Quant! hahahaha! I have’nt found the same shade anymore.

      I love wearing purple. Actually this lipstick I’m wearing now, MAC Bespoken for lip liner is on the purple side. It just didn’t reflect on camera.

      I’ll try to check ths shades you mentioned!

      • OMG MARY QUANT! Twiggy’s make-up! 😀 I’ve heard of it and that’s so mod. :3

        MAC Heroine (just what Neena mentioned) is a universal purple and almost every girl I know who’ve tried it on liked it! I even had one of the ladies at work tried it and she felt queasy at first–but then she grew into it within minutes. It is my everyday go-to shade, too! Neena also mentioned “Styled in Sepia.” It is a limited edition shade and it’s more of a sepia-toned beige that casts a dark, ethereal look on me! I wear it with the Oak lipliner from MAC (although I really skip the lipliner most of the time out of laziness). It is sooo good. A beauty like you could pull it off so easily, methinks! 😀

        And I don’t really mean to sound like a dark lipstick-obsessed freak, but you may also want to check out Kontrol from Illamasqua. It’s in the same color family as Heroine. I’m so excited for you!

  • my current dark lip obsession is a MAC shade called Styled in Sepia — it is a very throwback to the `80s dark brown shade. i usually line my lips w/ MAC Stone lipliner first and then apply Styled in Sepia on top. love it!

    another oldie-ish but definitely a goodie is MAC Heroine – a dark purple matte shade. 🙂

    • I used purple lipstick when I was in college! The Mary Quant one. I’ll never forget that! It freak everyone out back in the day. But I love it.
      I have never found that exact purple shade of Mary Quant anymore!
      I’ll check MAC Heroine if it’s the same as my Mary Quant one!

      • I remember Mary Quant!!!! I used to make nakaw my sister’s make up na Mary Quant ang brand!!! Tapos parati ako napapagalitan!

        MAC came out w/ one purple lipstick after another — Heroine, Pure Heroine (collaboration w/ Lorde), Strong Woman, Lavender Whip, etc etc. Sa permanent line, check out MAC Up the Amp and Smoked Purple. I really love MAC lipsticks kasi they arent too expensive at $16 + tax. 🙂

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