Kimchi Rice, Tutu Skirt & Me

One of the perks of having to work from home is I can do anything. Like put on my make up while talking to my goldsmith, cook lunch while I’m dressing up, email a client while giving instructions to the driver, etc.

That’s just what I did today.

Claudia baked some cookies before she left for school. She has been baking non stop this month. One customer ordered 30 dozens! So, our kitchen has been busy. I don’t want to be in the kitchen when she’s there, the stress level is very high.

I was dressing up when the maid went up to my room to tell me that the kitchen is ready for me. I have to cook lunch for Vito. I cooked his favorite, chicken adobo.

I went down to the kitchen and cooked Vito’s adobo wearing my outfit which was a tutu skirt. Some of you might have seen it cause I posted it on Instagram.

I promised my friend Beth that I’ll post the whole outfit. Here it is. ADR_0023ADR_0036I love tutu skirts! Not all can get away with tutu skirts.

Luckily, I can.

I have this in 3 colors. Black, white and this mint green.

So, anyway, I also cooked kimchi rice this lunch!

Last Saturday I had lunch in Wildflour in BGC with some friends and we ordered kimchi rice with beef. It was my first time to try their kimchi rice and it was good.

So, I tried to to copy it and it came out so yummy!

10686715_800249660047181_4215025221056998933_nI will post the recipe soon. Some friends are asking me how I did it.


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