Monday, Monday…

I can tell I’m getting older by how often I have to do my roots.

Jesus H. Christ.

I use to do my roots once in 3 months and now I do it every freaking 2 weeks.

That’s how I gauge how fast time flies and that I am indeed getting older.

I started my day with Rhea (laundry girl/hair colorist) doing my roots in the bathroom while I am writing this.

Ain’t life great.

But you gotta deal what’s needed to be dealt. For now I have to do something about my freaking roots.

When life gives you lemons…. cover your roots? hahahaha

Vito went inside my bathroom and reminded me not to forget to make an appointment with his orthopedic today. Vito is indeed home. I am forever setting Doctors appointment for him. When he left last August I had to bring him to his Ophthalmologist  and his Orthopedic the day before he left. And now he just arrived and he needs to see his Orthopedic. ASAP.

Life of an athelete and gym enthusiast.

I’m bringing also Vinny today to his eye doctor. His grade is very high now and the only way to keep it from going any higher is laser surgery. We will see what the Doctor will say.

Haul time!

First, I just want to say that I was able to get my Diptyque Eau Duelle! The 100ml size (yay). I have been obsessing on this scent ever since I discovered it. I first discovered Eau Duelle when I went to Europe last year. I went to Dipytyque store in Milan. What they had available was the small bottle. I think the 50ml. I am not sure. I finished it so fast!

I love Eau Duelle. This is the best seller of Diptyque. If Baies is their best seller in Candles, Eau Duelle is their best seller in Colognes.

IMG_3441Next is my Bobbi Brown stash. Good thing they put everything in a box and wrapped it well. I am scared of any breakage.

IMG_3370Among all make up brushes the one that I am always buying is the eye blender brush. I need to have a lot!

This is the most important make up brush for me. And it is so hard to find eye blender brushes. In all brands, eye blender brush is the one that is always out of stock. I heard a lot about Bobbi Brown’s make up brushes.  And they seemed to have good reviews.

And I found Bobbi Brown’s eye blender brush.


I’ve always wanted to have a blush palette. You know the kind where you buy an empty palette and fill it up with the shade of blushes that you like.

Bobbi Brown came out with their Holiday blushes. I got 6 of their new Holiday shades and I bought the 6 slots palette.


Left to right top row: Nude Pink 29, Pale Pink 9, Plum 5  |  Left to right lower row: Pastel Peach 44, Sand Pink 1, Berry 34

If you travel and you don’t want to bring the whole palette, you can just pop it out and put it in it’s individual case. How cool is that?

The Bobbi Brown 2014 Holiday Collection. Warm Glow Eye Palette.


I never thought I’d get hold of this! Since this is included in their 2014 Holiday Collection I thought this would be gone by now.

This is kinda pricey, but 1. Bobbi Brown’s eye make up are really nice. Buttery, easy to blend and it has the right shimmer 2. I love the packaging (faux leather Croc! I always like anything in croc leather) 3. very good for traveling. All you need is this palette and you’re good to go!

So, it’s worth the price.

Bobbi Brown Highlights Powder in Bronze Glow

IMG_3414 IMG_3417You never can have too many highlighters!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lip Color And Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color

IMG_3432These are my first Bobbi Brown Lipsticks.

IMG_3435Creamy Matte Lip color in Nude 23

IMG_3436Rich Lip Color in Uber Nude 33

I want to complete my Chanel Les 4 Ombres palette collection.

IMG_3445Les 4 Ombres in 234 Poèsie

I have 2 more palettes to go. I have been looking for this particular palette (brown and nude shades) but usually this is out of stock.

I got also 1 Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss

IMG_3451Rouge Allure Gloss in Sensuel 11

And Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Color

IMG_3448Rouge Allure  Luminous Intense Lip Color in Fantasque 112

Okay, this is all for now!

Talk to you soon guys!

Have a fabulous week ahead. Love you all xoxo.


  • Your Bobbi Brown haul is so worth it. The packaging and the colours are gorgeous. I love Bobbi Brown too!
    I’m using Chanel’s Rouge Allure Gloss in Seduction (#18). Even after the gloss has faded, the colour remains. Totally in love with it. 😊

  • Hi Ms T!!!

    I bought the BB Pink Glow & Bronze Glow — my Holiday gifts to me! I love them both.

    I also bought 2 Charlotte Tilbury blushes – LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

    Happy holidays to you and your family! ❤

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