My Christmas is Merry and Bright

Last week flew by without my knowing it and I flew with it.

From being an entrepreneur, to socializing (entertaining guests from the U.S.), to being a mother, etc. The week was non stop lunches, dinners and working.

I made it a point to stay home today, Sunday. To give myself time to space things out and to rest.

And to blog.

Rest. I don’t even know what that word means anymore.

It’s just about managing your time. That’s the secret there. If you manage your time well you get things done quickly and smoothly.

1. Manage your time and 2. rest. Remember those 2.

Last Saturday morning (4:00am) Vito arrived from Vancouver for his Christmas break. He took the direct flight of PAL. I woke up around 3:30am cause Claudia ran the Milo Marathon in MOA and she has to be there early cause it starts at 4:00am. I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore.

I left the house at 4am. I was thinking PAL is always late and altho’ Vito flew business class and he would disembark ahead, he still has to go thru immigration and wait for his luggage. And for sure there’s no traffic that early.

I have enough time.

PAL surprisingly was on time.

At exactly 4:16am Vito texted in our family chat:


A few minutes after, he texted that he was done with luggage and was out already.

Wow, that was fast.

When he got to the car I hurriedly took a picture to send to Claudia.


When we got home Andy & Rocko woke up and went crazy!

1503379_798533496885464_7261813272613373144_nSchumi didn’t know what to do. He barked non stop and woke up the whole house!

The best part for me was when he said: “I haven’t had this kind of breakfast in a long time!”

That’s what I wanted him to feel. That he is home.

I am full house.

That’s just what I wanted this Christmas. That, and my list that Vito bought me. hahahahaha

I’ll post my haul from Vancouver tomorrow!


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