Incubix Technologies

I rarely go to events and launching. I choose which ones I go to. Most of the events that I attend are usually events of my friends and I’m there to give my moral support.

Last night I was invited to the launching of Incubix Technologies.

Incubix Technologies is an Incubator. If you’re not familiar of what an Incubator is, it is a company that help start ups or a company in it’s early stage that needs financing. They don’t only finance but also help in every aspect of the business. Like net working, marketing, training of the employees and just about everything. In return they get stocks of the company.

Incubix Technologies was founded by a group of IT executives from New York. They are Filipino Americans who believe in Filipino talents. And they’re here to help.

The launch was held in 7th Note Bar & Restaurant in Makati (near Bel Air). It was hosted by Anthony Suntay who is part of the team.

10425081_797311107007703_1376477636442598497_nHe presented and introduced the people behind Incubix Technologies.

Danny Javier (of the Apo Hiking Society) is also part of the team.

One of his rare public appearance was last night. We all know that Danny already retired from show business. We were very lucky last night cause he went up the stage and sang one of his original songs, ‘Di na natuto.

A short clip that I took of his impromtu performance last night.

Here’s an indepth presentation of what Incubix Technologies is all about.

The people behind Incubix Technologies:

Anthony Suntay – Southeast Asia Adviser

Danny Javier – Director of Communications

Julio Miguel – Associate Director

Ian Loleng – Director/Partner

Jerry Pabalan – COO/Co-Founder

Armando Alorro – CTO/Co-Founder

John San Pedro – CEO/Founder



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