Someone Got Kicked In The A**

I’d like to apologize to all my customers who emailed and texted last week.

Today, is my first working day since I got sick (again). It is only today I checked my messages (both email and texts) so it’s only today I found time to reply.

As you are all aware of, I got sick early last week and I was okay by Tuesday. But I got ill again the following day. So, I spent the entire time in bed until yesterday.

I feel so much better now but I still feel weak. I will try to reply to all the inquries and all the orders are all in production already. So please bear with me.

Thank you.


My Story.

When I woke up last Wednesday I felt fine. I thought I was already on my road to recovery.

Damn flu! I beat it 3 days! Woohooo.

Since it was Marivic’s last day (she was leaving that evening back to London) Russ treated us to lunch in Greeka Kouzina in SM Aura.

L to R: Chickoy, Marivic, Me & Russ
Chickoy & Russ. My favorite gay couple.

I had the usual, my favorite Lamb Stew. For me Greeka Kouzina makes the best Lamb Stew.


After lunch, they all went to have facial & massage but I didn’t go anymore. I had to finish some work that I left hanging.

By 9pm that night I was already shivering. My fever went up to it’s ultimate high. I was bedridden until yesterday.

Damn flu kick me in the ass and showed me who’s the boss!

I feel so much better now. Yesterday I forced myself to stand up and had lunch with my family. After lunch Vinny went to Fullybook and I tagged along. I bought a few books myself.


My outfit.



Top: Zara  |  Jeans: Zara  |  Bag:  Givenchy  |  Ankle Boots: Zara  |  Watch: Marc By Marc Jacobs  |  Sunglasses: Chanel

Southsea Pearl Earrings by Willow Jewelry


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