I Broke The Internet

I woke up yesterday morning with a fever. Drunk some meds and became ok the whole day. I had chills again early evening.

I woke up today chilling. At 5am I called Rochelle to turn off my aircon. It’s not as bad as yesterday. So, I should be ok soon.

Si Joshua ang may salarin (It’s Joshua’s fault) I had cold last week but I became ok after a few days. Over the week end Joshua drove for me even tho’ he had cold. 5 minutes after I went down the car my cold came back.

Anyway, I was skyping with Vito yesterday and I told him I was sick, etc.

I told him: when you come home, let’s go to Balesin. I want to go back to Balesin.

“Oh, no you’re not. You are not going back to Balesin, Mom. The last time you were there you spammed the whole social media. Every minute you posted photos. One photo a day is enough! But you posted a lot. Like a lot mom. I don’t want you to be one of the annoying people in social media. So, NO. You are not going back to Balesin.”

Bad bebe.


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