My Week end

As much as I want to stretch the week end, that’s not gonna happen. It’s Sunday night now and whether I like it or not when I wake up tomorrow it’s going to be Monday.

The days are really flying so fast. It’s the second half of November already and soon enough it’s going to be Christmas.

Like I said a few posts ago, I am loving the weather! Summer heat is gone. Yay! If there’s anything good, it’s the weather. And another thing that’s good is Vito is arriving for his Christmas break soon!

I was able to put up our tree last Saturday. I am not yet quite done with the whole house yet. But for now our tree is finally up and our wreaths, too! And our entrance door is also lit up. I’ll finish the whole house this week.


10678701_780292722042875_2878094495951933964_nAside from getting busy puttering around the house the whole day Saturday I tinkered with my new Iphone 6+.

This thing is huge! I am still getting use to it. It’s kinda big so when I text I have to use both hands. There’s no way you can text using one hand only. If you insist on using just one hand for sure you will drop the phone.

I like that I now have my books on my phone! One less gadget to carry when I travel.

We had our Sunday lunch in Sariwon Korean Barbeque in High Street and I met one of my readers! She was brave enough to come up to me and said hello. I like it when you guys come up and say hi when you see me. Others just stare at me like I am a freak.

A big shout out to Subi! I hope I spelled your name right.

I have been loving this light and long cardigan lately (if you have notice). I can’t stop wearing them.

IMG_7120 IMG_7121 IMG_7122I like how versatile it is. You can either dress them down or dress them up.

Sometimes I wear it over shorts when I am just running errands.


Here’s hoping a great week ahead of us and keep on keeping on! Here’s the rest of my outfit.



Long Cardigan: Primark   |   Inner T Shirt: Uniqlo   |   Jeans: Zara   |   Sneakers: MiuMiu   |   Bag: Givenchy  Nightingale |   Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs   |   Watch: Cartier   |  Bangles: Van Cleef & Arpel   |  Chanel Pearl Bracelet   |   Willow Jewelry Double Ended Pearl Ring   |   Tiffany Heart Earrings


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